Corinne Olympios Rocks Very Revealing Swimsuit In Visit To Venice Beach

Corinne Olympios rocks revealing swimsuit on Venice Beach.
GOTPAP/STAR MAX/IPx 2017 / AP Images

Corinne Olympios knows how to turn the headlines back around — by rocking her bikini body.

Just a weeks after she was embarrassed by Sacha Baron Cohen on his new show, the Bachelor contestant garnered different (and much better) headlines when she showed up to Venice Beach rocking a very revealing swimsuit. TMZ had some exclusive pictures of the woman Nick Viall rejected, showing her barely contained in a black thong swimsuit.

Olympios could certainly use the good press after she was one of the few non-political figures targeted by Cohen’s new Showtime series, Who Is America? In the episode, she was invited to a photoshoot with an Italian photographer named Gio Madano (Cohen in disguise) who convinced Olympios to lie and claimed that she went to Africa to help patients suffering Ebola.

Despite some protests, Olympios ultimately went along with it, TV Guide noted.

“Then Baron Cohen asked her to tell the story about the warlord who ‘was gonna do a massacre of this village’ until he recognized Olympios and she talked him out of it. A look of confusion briefly passed over her face, but then she seemed to make up a story about how the warlord was a big fan, saying ‘he was really nice, actually,’ and that she ‘saved 6,000 people’ as a result of her intervention.”

While the bit may have been embarrassing, Corinne Olympios fared better than many of the people duped on Cohen’s new show. The British prankster and master of disguise has been targeting American politicians, coaxing them into outlandish scenarios and embarrassing confessions. Olympios, by comparison, didn’t seem to be fooled and only very reluctantly went along with the prank.

Corinne Olympios has had no trouble in finding life after The Bachelor. The reality television star has expanded her resume to other shows, including making an appearance on a new celebrity-themed season of Fear Factor.

For Olympios, it was a way to branch out beyond the ABC dating franchise and show fans a new side of her.

“I grew up watching Fear Factor so when I got the opportunity, I just thought it was a really fun and cool way to show people who I am in a different light,” Olympios told People magazine. “We were all lighthearted and funny about it because it’s for a great cause. We all just really wanted to win the money for the charity of our choice.”

More pictures of Corinne Olympios rocking her swimsuit body on Venice Beach can be found on TMZ.