Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Reveals Some Disappointing News About Their New Album

Jeff Ament also talks Pearl Jam Tour and his own new solo album.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Jeff Ament also talks Pearl Jam Tour and his own new solo album.

Jeff Ament, the bassist for Pearl Jam, recently sat down for an interview with station 103.3 The Trail in Montana. He gave an update to fans about the band’s upcoming new album. Alternative Nation says that Ament told fans that he hopes for the band to get back to working on the record soon, because it is only halfway finished. Their new album still has “a lot” of work to be done, says Ament. His words seemed to convey he was uncertain if the band would be getting back to working on their new album, saying “I hope” after telling the radio station “we will probably get back at it,” which could possibly disappoint fans who have been awaiting its release.

“Yeah, we are smack dab in the middle. We have a lot of work to do. Once we get these shows done, we will probably get back at it. I hope.”

The host asked Ament if the other band members ever come by his home to work on their album, to which Pearl Jam bassist said, “Occasionally yeah, those guys come out.” Their new album is expected to have a upcoming release date in 2019. The last album from the Seattle rockers was in 2013, with Lightning Bolt.

Back in May, uring an appearance on Kyle Meredith With…, Jeff Ament discussed the possibility of No Code and Yield box sets, as well as a 30th anniversary concert, reported Consequence of Sound. Ament told fans that the band needed “a good solid six to eight weeks carved out where we’re just recording and all these ideas that we have.” But due to being busy with touring, he thought that would likely not happen.

Speaking of their touring, one such location is set to be in Seattle, for the first time in five years. The band is set to play at Safeco Field on August 8, and again on August 10. It is expected that 100,000 fans will attend the shows. The Pearl Jam website has more information on their touring.

Pearl Jam
Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam performing at Western Springs Stadium during the 2014 Big Day Out Festival on January 17, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. Jason Oxenham / Getty Images

While speaking with Kyle Meredith, Jeff also talked about his own new album, Heaven & Hell, in addition to the forthcoming Pearl Jam album.

“Is it safe to assume that’s a 2019 thing?” Meredith asked. Ament explained that Pearl Jam was not finished recording the LP, but that “2019 is probably safe to say, but I don’t know.”

Now with this new album news on The Trail, it seems Ament may be getting worried about the 2019 release, with so much getting in the way of working on the amount still needing to be finished up.