‘Big Brother 20:’ Rockstar Dragged On Twitter For Constant Crying

Rockstar of Big Brother Season 20
Cliff Lipson / CBS

Stepping into the Big Brother house is no easy task, and even the strongest willed person might break down from time to time. That seems to be the case with Angie “Rockstar” Lantry who started out the season as one of the most confident houseguests around. Rockstar blossomed on the live feeds, engaging in conversations where she was regarded as open-minded and enlightened while other houseguests were getting slammed on social media and in the news for their racist comments.

Despite starting out as a season favorite, Rockstar is now getting a lot of heat on Twitter as viewers appear to be sick and tired of her crying fits. The first explosion viewers saw of Rockstar was after Brett Robinson made up a complete lie to save himself from eviction in Week 3. Brett claimed Rockstar had come to him and threw her alliance members under the bus which never happened.

After Winston Hines was evicted, Rockstar went off on Brett in a heated rage questioning how someone could make up a complete lie. The kicker was it was Rockstar’s daughter’s birthday, and she was offended someone would create a lie about her on such a special day.

Rockstar went on to break down at the Head of Household meeting where she was the first to fall off her post in an endurance competition. She cried immediately after falling down, and then again after re-entering the house when the competition was complete. Her crying has only continued on into her diary room sessions, one of which played out on Sunday night’s episode.

Viewers were laughing on Twitter about her most recent breakdown about be putting up on the block by Angela Rummans after her false eyelashes fell off in the diary room.

“She’s always crying about something, play the damn game then. Smh,” one fan posted on Twitter.

“I think we are on the verge of a NEW crying Champ on #bb20, ” BB19 star Kevin Schlehuber also Tweeted.

Even the official Big BrotherTwitter account poked fun at Rockstar’s breakdown by sharing photos of her false eyelashes falling off.

Janelle Pierzina of BB6, BBAS, and BB14 couldn’t control her laughter either regarding Rockstar’s breakdowns.

“Omg Rockstars diary session! She’s bawling her eyes out and loses her left eyelashes. I’m dead,” she tweeted.

Rockstar is currently on the block alongside Tyler Crispen and is likely to have more meltdowns as the week goes on.

To see if Rockstar gets eliminated in Week 6, watch Big Brother this Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.