Rebecca Robertson And John Reed Loflin Find Out Gender Of Their First Baby In A Hilarious Way

Rebecca Robertson and John Loflin are expecting first baby.

Duck Dynasty star has unique baby gender reveal
Henry S. Dziekan III / Getty Images

Rebecca Robertson and John Loflin are expecting first baby.

Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Robertson is pregnant with her first child. She just had a gender reveal party thrown for her over the weekend and it was most unique. The hostess was none other than her French Bulldog, Leauxla. According to the photos and videos posted on her Instagram, she and husband, John Reed Loflin, had quite the surprise when their baby’s gender was finally revealed.

Gender reveal parties are the way to go these days. The popularity has grown recently and everyone tries to discover their own unique way of doing it. The Robertson family are known for doing things in a different fashion at times. The party’s theme was all done up in a dog theme. It was not just any dog, but the Loflin’s adorable pooch.

Her face was all over the place. From the decorations to French Bulldog cookies, it was definitely canine all the way. The best part was the way Rebecca and John found out whether they are having a boy or a girl. One table was set up with a decorated doggie cake. As the couple stood there anxiously waiting, they were totally shocked when their bulldog popped out of the cake with a blue shirt on. Leauxla is getting a baby brother.

The bulldog looked a little shell-shocked. Her eyes were big as she was being lifted up out of the top of the cake. She did get lots of attention though. Rebecca and John also got a good laugh out of the whole thing, as the mom-to-be revealed.

“Oh boy, this baby is already having a ball! He is so so blessed! More pictures from the gender reveal party last night! because I am still laughing from how fun it was!! Thanks for all of you guys’ love.”

Rebecca Robertson announced that she was expecting her first child just two weeks ago. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the dog was involved with revealing the exciting news to her husband as well.

The Duck Dynasty stars are all excited about this new addition to their family. This is Willie and Korie’s first grandchild. Korie was quite ecstatic when she was surprised with the baby news. Her reaction was recorded and posted on Instagram. Rebecca got a kick out of her mom’s shocked response. The 29-year-old is about four months along in her pregnancy now. This gives Rebecca and John a little more time to prepare Leauxla for the baby’s arrival.