Robert Menendez: FBI Raids Office Of New Jersey Senator’s Campaign Donor

The FBI raided the office of Robert Menendez’s major campaign donor. The Democratic New Jersey Senator has been accused of facilitating sex parties with Dominican prostitutes. Menendez is reportedly a top contender for the chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

The New Jersey Senator conducted an interview with ABC News over the weekend but was not questioned about the allegations of the sex parties with Dominican prostitutes. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Robert Menendez was questioned about hiring an illegal immigrant who was also allegedly a sex offender.

A major campaign donor’s office was the subject of an FBI raid on Tuesday evening, The Blaze notes. Dr. Salomon Melgen, a West Palm Beach eye doctor, is accused of offering free trips and underage Dominican prostitutes to Senator Menendez, the Miami Herald reports. The New Jersey politician denies all the allegations being hurled in his direction.

During the FBI raid, agents reportedly carted materials from Dr. Melgen’s office away in multiple vans. The investigation is allegedly focused on the Florida doctor’s fiscal records and Senator Menendez’s supposed interactions with Dominican prostitutes.

Although Salomon Melgen reportedly has a $11.1 million IRS tax lien levied against him, he is credited with contributing at least $357,000 political candidates and committees. A total of nine percent of the Florida doctor’s political contributions were donated to Robert Menendez’s campaign.

A Dominican Republic “high-level” government official told the Daily Caller that two prostitutes told him they were promised $500 if they had sex with the New Jersey Senator. The young women also allegedly claimed that Senator Menendez ultimately paid them just $100 for the sex acts.

Robert Menendez’s campaign donor reportedly owns a private lane that has frequently flown between Cade de Campo in the Dominican Republic and South Florida. Dr. Melgen is a Dominican Republic native.

Do you think Robert Menendez should be questioned further about the alleged sex parties with Dominican prostitutes?

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