NYC Mayor Bloomberg Shocks With Vulgar Comment About Party Guest’s Backside

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg may be (in his mind) a major arbiter of how people should behave, but, like many in the moralistic set, his own actions are not as pristine as one might expect from the guy who is really disappointed you are making such unhealthy soda choices, son.

Mayor Bloomberg has been nationally decried for his “nanny state” initiatives, like the aforementioned “Big Gulp ban” and others considered outside the purview of a city’s mayor. But he still finds time to shock with untoward behavior, and a lewd comment Bloomberg made about a fellow party guest has made the blogosphere titter.

The remark made by Bloomberg — considered sexist by many — came via a New York Magazine profile of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and a comment overheard from Hizzoner at a “swank” party on the Upper East Side.

According to Gothamist, Bloomie was caught verbally praising the derrière of a woman by the mag’s Jonathan Van Meter, and the mayor reportedly simply said:

“Look at the ass on her.”

Mild but jarring behavior that calls to mind how even the wealthiest and most powerful men, Mayor Bloomberg included, can be prone to breaking females down to their bits and pieces. Gothamist says that Bloomberg’s “ass” remark is not shocking to those who know him, and reports that the mayor is known to be a bit risque at times.

One source said:

“Anyone who knows Mike knows this is exactly the way he kibitzes privately. He has [a] 1950s sense of humor about women which is neither malicious nor deniable. Everybody knows that.”

bloombergs interpreter lydia callis

Bloomberg book author Joyce Purnick countered:

“It was part of his Wall Street past and his businessman past. He used to use salty language quite often, even in his early days as mayor, but I thought it was something he got over. I would be surprised if he was still using that kind of language in public.”

Mike Bloomberg has not addressed the controversy over his naughty remark.