‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Houseguest Believes Two Other Players Are Related

Is a twist being kept from 'Big Brother' viewers as well?

The cast of Big Brother Season 20
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Is a twist being kept from 'Big Brother' viewers as well?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 20 of Big Brother.

The houseguests on Big Brother Season 20 are deep into Week 6, and paranoia is setting in for some of the players. Now that the cast is down by five house-guests, those remaining are beginning to question everything, including hidden twists they think haven’t been revealed yet. According to live feeds Twitter account BB_Updates, one of the houseguests is starting to speculate that two of the players in the game are brother and sister.

One of the tweets from BB_Updates documented a conversation between Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark. Tyler stated that if the nominations stayed the same this week, that he was going to call a house meeting and bring up the similarities between Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Scottie Salton. Tyler feels the two house-guests look very similar, even referring to their identical noses.

Tyler also mentioned that Scottie often slips up and calls Rockstar Angela, which would be her real name. He has brought up on several occasions that the two look alike with his alliance members, but it all could be a ploy to save himself from eviction this week as he is currently sitting next to Rockstar on the block.

Rockstar and Scottie of Big Brother Season 20
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A separate tweet noted how Tyler would use this information to convince his other castmates that Scottie would never vote against Rockstar and they are a duo that would need to be split up.

It appears that Tyler is battling with the idea himself and can’t decide if their brother/sister relationship is actually real or just a figment of his imagination, but either way he plans on using the information to his advantage.

A brother/sister twist has not been revealed to the viewers as it normally is in Big Brother. Fans have always been privy to houseguests’ relationships ahead of time. In Big Brother Season 17, viewers were let in on the twin twist involving Liz and Julia Nolan who switched out and pretended to be one another throughout the season.

In Big Brother Over the Top, two sisters also competed in the game together but some of the houseguests figured it out sooner rather than later. Morgan and Alex Willett looked eerily similar and they were eventually outed to their houseguests.

Tyler Crispin of Big Brother Season 20
  Sonja Flemming / CBS

Scottie and Rockstar have two different last names, but Rockstar is married and likely has the last name of her husband. This would be the first time Big Brother kept a secret from the fans too if the two houseguests were, in fact, brother and sister.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.