Wilmer Valderrama Leaves The Side Of His Ex, Demi Lovato, To Attend KIND Los Angeles Charity Event

Chris PizzelloInvision/AP Images

As Demi Lovato currently remains hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles following her alleged drug overdose, ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has been by her side the entire time. The former That 70s Show actor has spent countless hours visiting Lovato at the hospital since she was admitted, but decided to take a break and leave her side to attend a charity event in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, People reported that Valderrama, 38, was spotted at the KIND Los Angeles: Coming Together for Children Alone charity event on Saturday. The charity event marked Valderrama’s first public appearance since Lovato’s overdose.

KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization created by Angelina Jolie. Its mission is to help migrant and refugee children in the United States to obtain proper and secure legal representation.

The Charming actor decided to attend the event as sources have told the media outlet that Lovato, 25, is getting better and plans on immediately entering rehab following her release from the hospital, where she has spent almost two weeks.

“Demi is well enough to leave the hospital this weekend. She has agreed to rehab and will go straight to an in-patient facility. She wants to be sober. She wants to get help. She understands that it will take a lot of work and commitment to stay healthy, but this is what she wants,” a source revealed.

It appears with Lovato’s health returning that Valderrama is starting to get back to his own life, as E! News reported that he was seen arriving to the set of his CBS show, NCIS, on Friday.

A source also told E! News a similar account that Lovato is improving and her family expects her doctors to give the go-ahead for her release “in the next few days” and she is slowly coming to terms with the fact that “she almost died”.

“Demi’s turned the corner and is doing much better. She will be released in the next few days and the plan is for her to go to rehab. She is starting to grasp the severity of what happened and that she almost died.”

Valderrama and the “Sober” singer were romantically linked for about six years before breaking up in 2016. However, the two have remained very close and Lovato has credited him for playing a huge role in her road to sobriety the first time.

Fans have no doubt that the Summer Catch will continue to play a vital role in the “Confident” singer’s recovery this time around as well as sources have claimed that “he’s the love of her life and vice versa”.