Cardi B Hangs Out With Kardashians, Says She’s ‘Officially Apart of the Rich People Club’

Cardi B
JStone / Shutterstock

Fan-favorite Cardi B posted a photo to her Instagram on Saturday of her hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. As The Cut reports, Cardi wrote “I’m officially apart of the rich people club!! I’m not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha (sic)!”

According to People, Kardashian West also gave Cardi a tour of her home, which she shares with Kanye West. As they walked through the hallways, Kardashian West said the home “looked like a mausoleum.” Later that evening, the trio goofed around and posed with some cardboard cutouts of Kardashian West and her husband’s faces.

“This is us looking really stupid, you guys. We’re just late night in the closet, looking absolutely stupid,” said Kardashian West as they posed with the cutouts in front of their faces.

In her Instagram post, the self-described “regular degular schmegular” girl from the Bronx also stated she planned to sell “…one of @krisjenner napkins on eBay.” Jenner replied to Cardi’s post, saying “Yes and I get 10 percent.”

Kardashian West showed Cardi her favorite Instagram filter. As Cardi admired herself with the new filter applied, saying she “looks like a different person,” Jenner said, “you look so cute.”

This isn’t the first time Cardi and Kardashian West have hung out. In March, the two were seen hanging out at Madonna’s Oscar party.

Cardi, 25, has been in the news a lot recently. Last month, she gave birth to her first child, named Kulture Kiari, with Migos rapper Offset. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the rapper, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, posted a photo of herself and Offset with a pair of Lamborghinis. When people shamed her for her purchase, alleging she leased the vehicles instead of buying them, Cardi posted a photo of her bank statement, showing the $500,000 payment.

“Wait, what happened I leased what?” Cardi wrote. “When you go to Wells Fargo and withdrawl (sic) you whole car payment. Don’t play with me.”

Her album, Invasion of Privacy, dropped earlier this year. Since it’s release, the album has gone platinum, and her recent single “I Like It” has shot up the Billboard Hot 100. According to XXL, “The feat made history as Cardi is the only female rapper to post two No. 1 songs on the chart.” Her other number one single was “Bodak Yellow” which beat out Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” for the number one spot.

In addition to enjoying motherhood and hanging out with the Kardashian / Jenner clan, Cardi is embroiled in a legal battle with her former manager, Shaft, who is suing her for breach of contract.