Apple Watch Series 4: What We Know So Far


With Apple expected to unveil a new set of devices this September, rumors are abounding about what the company’s wearable, the Apple Watch, would be like this year. After the well-reviewed Apple Watch Series 3, all eyes are on the Cupertino-based tech giant to see what it does to improve its wearable device further.

Here then, is a short list of what we know about the Apple Watch Series 4 so far.


Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in a report last month that this year’s Apple Watch would feature the most significant physical change in the company’s wearable line to date. According to the analyst, this year’s Apple Watches would feature displays that are roughly 15 percent larger than the device’s current iteration, according to a 9to5Mac report.

This means that the Apple Watch’s usual 1.5-inch and 1.65-inch displays for the 38mm and 42mm models would likely be increased to 1.57 inches and 1.78 inches, respectively. Kuo noted, however, that the Apple Watch Series 4 would probably have a similar physical footprint as the Series 3, since the Apple would likely trim the bezels of the device to accommodate the larger displays.


The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to pack revamped and improved health features. The device, while having a healthy feature set, is promoted by Apple as a robust fitness tracker, and judging by the health-focused apps in WatchOS5, fitness would be a focal point of the upcoming 2018 wearable device as well. Considering that the Apple Watch series is seeing competition from companies like Fitbit in areas like sleep detection and sleep apnea detection, there is a pretty good chance that Apple’s 2018 smartwatch would debut similar features.

Also highly rumored is the idea that Apple would introduce a solid-state side button in the Apple Watch Series 4. If this rumor proves true, Apple’s smartwatch would likely end up featuring better water resistance than its previous incarnations. The button would also probably be equipped with a Taptic Engine, which would make the Apple Watch Series 4’s side button feel like a physical button when pressed, according to a Fast Company report.


Price and Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to see a release this September, when Apple releases the 2018 iPhone series. Price-wise, there is a good chance that Apple would keep the price of the Apple Watch Series 4 similar to its predecessors. This means that the Series 4 might start at the $329 range for the GPS-only model and around $399 for the LTE-capable model. Considering that Apple is rumored to be getting a bit more aggressive with its pricing this year, it would not even be surprising to see the entry-level Apple Watch Series 4 have a price that’s a bit lower than its predecessors.