WWE News: Update On John Cena’s Return – Kurt Angle Comments On Cena’s Absence

John Cena is one of the greatest superstars in WWE history, but where has he been?

wwe news monday night raw john cena return next match part time schedule

John Cena is one of the greatest superstars in WWE history, but where has he been?

John Cena has been in the news and headlines a lot over the last couple of months, but it really hasn’t had anything to do with wrestling. The spotlight has been on the relationship between him and Nikki Bella while people try to figure out if they’re together or not. At the same time, WWE fans have wondered when he would get back in the ring and now, they actually have a date for his return, but they had better enjoy it.

It has been a few months since the multi-time world champion has been seen in a wrestling ring and some of the fans are getting quite antsy. The last time the world saw John Cena was at the Greatest Royal Rumble in April where he defeated Triple H in the opening match.

Since that time, he has been noticeably absent and the WWE free agent and has not been seen on Monday Night Raw nor SmackDown Live. With SummerSlam quickly approaching, fans have been waiting for his arrival as they’ve all believed he’d have a big match on the card of that pay-per-view.

It now looks like Cena won’t end up appearing at SummerSlam, but Wrestling Inc. did catch a tweet showing when his return is expected.

If that is indeed the first time that John Cena is seen again on WWE television, it will have been more than four months since his last match. It looks like WWE gave him the entire summer off and allowed for a bit of a break from the busy schedule of house shows and television appearances.

Many have to wonder just why Cena has missed all that time away from the ring, though, and it seems as if Kurt Angle may have an idea as to why.

John Cena has been wrestling for a long time now and he has been doing it almost non-stop for more than a decade. Sure, he’s taken some time off here and there to rehab an injury or to go film a movie, but more times than not, Cena is in the ring.

Perhaps, the time has come for him to have a lighter schedule.

wwe news monday night raw john cena return next match part time schedule

Monday Night Raw general manager Kurt Angle recently took part in a Q&A session on Facebook and someone brought up John Cena’s absence. Angle wanted the fans to remember that Cena has been consistent for a very long time and he deserves a break if that is what’s going on.

Rajah recapped the Q&A session which had Angle speaking directly on where Cena has been and the possible reason for him being off of WWE television.

“I don’t know [where John Cena has been lately]. I think he had a couple of TV shows and movies he was working on.

Don’t forget how consistent John was for 15 years. If he’s taking a break from WWE, he deserves it.”

There is no confirmed word on whether John Cena is actually taking a break from wrestling and WWE right now, but he has been away for a good length of time. The idea of him going to a part-time schedule is not out of the question, but it would be odd to see the workhorse on television even less. For now, he has been confirmed for the Shanghai event on Sept. 1 and the Australia Super Show-Down later this year, and the fans simply can’t wait for his return.