‘Agatha Raisin’ Season 2 Returns To Acorn TV In November

Ashley Jensen reprises her role as the Cotswolds sleuth.

Ashley Jensen
Acorn TV / RJL Entertainment

Ashley Jensen reprises her role as the Cotswolds sleuth.

Agatha Raisin, the popular mystery series based on the books of M.C. Beaton is back for a second season on Acorn TV exclusively, and now reports say that the show will start airing in November. Ashley Jensen stars as the titular character who packed in her London PR firm to create a new life for herself in the Cotswolds.

Hidden Remote revealed that the episodes will almost be mini-movies, as each will be 90 minutes long like the premiere episode was in Season 1 of the popular modern mystery series.

“Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death” was 90 minutes long and Acorn may have decided that the plots of the original books were better served with the longer episodes. There is more time to flesh out the mysteries and throw in a few red herrings as well!

So far, we know that the whole core cast is returning, including Matthew Horne, Katy Wix, Matt McCooey, and Gemma Simpson, but little is known about the possible return of Jamie Glover as Agatha’s love interest, James Lacey. Inside sources say that Agatha might have a new suitor in Season 2, and it’s someone fans met in Season 1 (it’s fair to say we can eliminate the flirtatious murderers).

Agatha Raisin was originally launched by Sky TV in the UK, but it was brought back by Acorn TV for a second season because of North American popularity. The cast of the show was under the impression for months that the series was canceled because Sky TV was going to pass, but the American streaming service Acorn “saved the day” and took over production.

A love of animals has been a theme in Agatha Raisin, and according to Katy Wix, ducks will make an appearance on Season 2 as she revealed that she had never held a duck before this season’s shoot. Costume designer Sue Thomson also hinted that one of the episodes this coming season will involve Agatha organizing a fundraising calendar for the church featuring the women of Carsley in cheeky old-fashioned lingerie.

Ashley Jensen says she is thrilled to play Agatha Raisin again and explore where the character’s life is heading now that her romantic prospect has fled for Cyprus.

“I think she has reached a point in her life where she has started to think: is this it? And she has always had a dream to go back to the Cotswolds, which was a place where she was happy. She had a difficult childhood and she had an unhappy marriage to a man who was an alcoholic.”

Jensen said that she is excited that Agatha will get another chance to reinvent herself in Carsley.