'Outlander' Season 4 Teaser Gives Fans An Exciting Peek At Jamie & Claire's Adventures In 'The New World'

Outlander fans, rejoice! We have a peek at Season 4 of the Starz hit show! Part romance, part science fiction, part historical fiction, the chronicle of the lives of Jamie and Claire has captured the hearts of millions for so many reasons. The series has something for everyone and keeps bringing fans back for more and thirsting for any little taste of what the future (or past?) holds next for the adventurous pair so many have fallen in love with. This week, Starz gave us something to calm that thirst for a while - a teaser for Outlander Season 4.

We've seen Claire and Jamie in Jamie's native Scotland as well as in France and Jamaica, and in Season 4, Outlander will take us to America. While that is not news to anyone who saw the Season 3 finale, there is plenty more in the one-minute teaser that is news, including the tidbit of information provided in the opening of the Season 4 teaser - where in colonial America Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) settle and with whom.

After the chaotic life on the open seas that the lovers endured in Season 3, Outlander fans everywhere couldn't agree more with Claire in the opening moments of the teaser when she says "I want us to make a home together." Jamie's response gives us the location for Season 4 - North Carolina, where he says they can "start anew." But why North Carolina? The very next scene tells us that. He apparently has an aunt there with a home called River Run. (Something of note for Game of Thrones fans - Tobias Mendes played Edmure Tully on GOT and, of course, Claire's husband and enemy, Frank Randall/Jack "Black Jack" Randall on Outlander. As a Tully on GOT, his childhood home was Riverrun.) His aunt is played by Maria Doyle Kennedy of Orphan Black and The Tudors.

This is Outlander, and we're talking about the ever-challenged Jamie and Claire, so we can't expect life to go smoothly, and the next couple of scenes show things going from what appears to be a normal dinner party to an angry mob carrying torches and guns, a rock being thrown through a window, and Jamie proclaiming, "It's not safe here." Knives, searches in the woods, a distraught Claire on horseback, and young Ian warning the couple about "thieves and outlaws" in the woods at night follow as the steady beat of the accompanying music helps build excitement for viewers.

There's lots to unpack in this video, as there is anytime Starz tries to pack a season full of Outlander into one minute. There are fist fights with masked men, hangings, Native Americans, and chases on horseback. Then there is what could end up being a central part of Season 4's plot - Claire's discovery of a skull with a silver filling, something she tells Jamie won't be invented for another 100 years. She fears it's a warning from the future. Is it? Is the skull someone we know or a random time traveler? Why were they there? Oh the questions that skull puts in the minds of Outlander fans.

And what would Outlander be without the undying love shared by Jamie and Claire? The teaser includes Claire declaring that she trusts Jamie with her life, kisses full of passion, and a second or two of the steamy scenes fans love so much. A fire, Claire searching for something (or someone) on horseback in the rain, and more round out the Season 4 teaser. And given that this is colonial America, there will be slavery, something we saw upset Claire in Season 3. That is bound to factor into Season 4 in some way.

"Brave the New World" is emblazoned across the screen midway through the video that ends with the announcement that Outlander will return to the small screen in November. You can bet that fans will watch the teaser over and over again between now and then. You can check it out in its entirety below.