Lindsay Lohan Takes Dip In Low-Cut Blue Bathing Suit With Older Mystery Man

Lindsay appeared to be having a great time with her older mystery man.

Linday Lohan goes for a swim
Arthur Mola / AP Images

Lindsay appeared to be having a great time with her older mystery man.

As those who follow Lindsay Lohan know, the actress is currently in Mykonos, Greece filming her own reality TV show focused on her life while she runs the Lohan Beach House. The Inquisitr previously reported Lohan has been spending a lot of time hanging out with Tiffany Trump at the Lohan Beach Club.

According to Daily Mail, it appears as if Tiffany is not the only person Lindsay is enjoying spending time with in Mykonos. The red-headed actress was photographed enjoying a dip in the sea with a mysterious older man. Daily Mail noted the 32-year-old actress appeared to be in “high spirits” as she playfully enjoyed the water with her mysterious friend.

In one photograph, Lohan was beaming with a huge grin on her face as the mysterious man lifted her out of the water. In a different photo, the pair appeared to be enjoying each other’s company as they had a casual conversation during their swim.

During her dip in the water, Lohan rocked a low-cut bright blue swimsuit. The plunging neckline and figure-hugging suit did an incredible job showcasing Lohan’s slender frame and curvy assets.

In a separate photo, Lindsay was photographed soaking up the sun in a lounge chair. Her mysterious friend was not in this photo with her. Lohan opted to pull her fiery red locks up into a bun – presumably to keep it out of her way during her swim. The actress opted to keep things simple and go make-up free during her swim.

According to Page Six, several of the social media posts featuring photographs of the time Lindsay spent with Tiffany have since been deleted. The media outlet speculates this could be because the producers of the reality TV show are trying to keep details of the show under wraps. Page Six speculates Tiffany may be making an appearance on the show. The outlet also questions whether the removal of the posts was to avoid any disapproval from President Donald Trump.

Just yesterday, Lindsay shared a photo of herself wearing a white hoodie with a grey interior lining on Instagram. “I Love Life” the actress captioned the photo which featured a filter of butterflies circling her head. “I am #livingwithgratitude,” Lohan wrote on her post.

The comments section of the photo contained tons of praises and compliments. Users couldn’t help but note how great it was to see Lohan so happy. “Looking good Lindsay! Good to see you happy,” one user commented. “Loving life looks good on you,” a second chimed in.

In a little more than 24 hours, the Instagram post has accumulated over 70,000 likes and 1,000 comments from her 6.6 million followers.