Instagram Is In Love With Bronson, A 33-lb. Fat Cat Trying To Shed The Pounds

His new family is hoping to help this obese cat get healthy.

Fat cat
IAmBronsonCat / Facebook

His new family is hoping to help this obese cat get healthy.

Mike and Megan, who reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have four cats: Heisenberg, Ickle, Gwildor, and Bronson. Three year-old Bronson’s life was one big concern before being adopted recently by Mike and Megan. His first step of finally finding a loving family having been officially tackled, now Bronson and his parents are working to shrink this kitty some, as his weight is a worry, reports People. Instagram is watching the story, sending out plenty of heart emojis.

This orange tabby cat was adopted from the Humane Society of West Michigan this past April. Shelter employees reportedly told Mike that Bronson was not abandoned, but instead had been surrendered to the animal shelter after his previous owner passed away. Mike recently spoke with journalists and People about the adoption of Bronson.

“They guessed that his owner may have been an elderly person or immobile, so they weren’t able to give him exercise. They also guessed that he was either overfed or fed people food because he’s only 3 years old and has gained the weight so quickly.”

Bronson loves attention, as is seen in the videos on Mike and Megan’s Instagram as well as the clip shared by People. According to his new family, the pair initially went to the Humane Society to adopt a kitten; however, when they met Bronson, it was all a matter of falling in love at first sight as he rested in a large car bed, filling it to the brim. The duo promised to get Bronson’s weight off, and are sticking to it by managing the cat’s meals and diet and a playful cat furniture playground of sorts, innovated by Catastrophic Creations. Mike and Megan actually have the pleasure of being the masterminds behind Catastrophic Creations.

“We actively play with him multiple times each day with string or catnip-filled toys and try to interest him in some solo-play cat gadgets that we have throughout the day. He also does what we call ‘food walking,’ which is made up of us moving his food around the house as he eats it to promote him to walk.”

Fans can keep up with this 3-year-old,33-pound kitty’s progress on Instagram @iambronsonthecat and Facebook. Since Mike and Megan began helping Bronson, he has already shed 1.7 pounds. Mike told reporters that he and Megan are seeing even more changes in their new fur baby as well, saying that Bronson has more energy than when he was first adopted. Mike remarked that rather than staying in he and Megan’s bedroom, Bronson now greets them at the doorway upon return from work and such.