Demi Lovato’s Family ‘Fears For Her Safety,’ Hopes She Will Remove ‘Bad Influences’ Out Of Her Life

Certain people reportedly enabled Demi over the course of relapse to her overdose

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Certain people reportedly enabled Demi over the course of relapse to her overdose

As the weekend soldiers on, Demi Lovato still remains hospitalized in Los Angeles following her alleged drug overdose last month at her Hollywood Hills home. It has been reported that Lovato has agreed to check herself into a rehab facility following her impending hospital release. However, according to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Lovato’s family “fears for her safety,” as they hope she will rid herself of “bad influences” in regards to the company she keeps as she faces an uphill battle back to sobriety.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the “Confident” singer, 25, had apparently been surrounding herself with people who instead of helping her when they sensed her sobriety was at a fragile state, enabled her to fully relapse back into her drug use. The more she spiraled down to rock bottom, the more her “hanger-on friends” were drawn to her and in Lovato’s “vulnerable” state, she let them in.

It for this reason the “Heart Attack” singer’s family would like to have some input on who Lovato hangs out with once she leaves the hospital and begins her path to a sober life once again. What makes the situation more difficult is that her family realizes they have “zero control” over Lovato’s choices.

“While Demi’s in the hospital, she’s having very limited contact with the outside world. She’s very protected. But once she’s out of the hospital, it will ultimately be her choice whom she associates with. As much as her family might like to ban certain bad influences from her life, that isn’t going to happen. They have zero control.”

After being dealt an ultimatum — get professional help or risk losing them forever — the “Give Your Heart A Break” singer chose to heed her family’s and real friends’ words to go directly to rehab once she is cleared for release from the hospital, as “she wants to be sober” and “wants to get help” in order to have the best chance of doing so.

Sometimes a part of reaching a sober and healthy life can mean having to do away with people who don’t provide a positive and supportive presence, and Lovato’s family “fears for her safety” as she didn’t originally agree that rehab was a necessary factor for her to get sober again, thereby leaving the thought that she might return back to those very same enablers.

“Her family fears for her safety and well-being. They hope she makes the healthy choices when she is released, but anything is possible. Of course, the hope is that Demi will make her sobriety the priority and only surround herself with people that can support that, but at the end of the day it’s her choice.”

It has been reported that upon discovering her unconscious state, Lovato’s assistant believed her to be dead, and learning that might have ultimately helped sway the former Disney Channel star’s decision to choose rehab.