Demi Lovato Was Surrounded By Enablers Who Fueled Her Drug Abuse Leading To Overdose, ‘Page Six’ Reports

The singer has agreed to go directly to rehab after her release from the hospital.

Demi Lovato's Friends Enabled Her Drug Abuse Leading To Overdose, 'Page Six' Reports
Joel C Ryan/Invision / AP Images

The singer has agreed to go directly to rehab after her release from the hospital.

Demi Lovato’s friend enabled the singer’s drug abuse and helped steer her on a course to an overdose last month, a new report claims.

As the singer prepares to head off to rehab, a new Page Six report claims that her steady descent back into drug abuse was helped along by a group of hangers-on and enablers who only wanted to party and did nothing to help her get back on track. Sources told the celebrity news outlet that the friends even took to carrying the overdose rescue drug Narcan, as their binges grew ever-more dangerous.

As Demi Lovato fell off the wagon, this group of friends reportedly gravitated toward her and leeched off her condition, a source told the outlet.

“There’s a crew of people in Hollywood [that], when you want to party, you find yourself hanging out with these hanger-on friends and they lead you into [the party life] more and it’s a downward spiral,” said an unnamed music producer. “Demi was very vulner­able.”

The report went on to note that Demi Lovato had to go to great lengths to stay clean after her initial trip to rehab several years ago, making sure not to be around any partying and not keeping any alcohol in her home.

While there may have been some bad influences that steered Demi Lovato down the wrong path, there is at least one subset of friends pushing her to get help, TMZ reported. This group of friends and family reportedly gave Demi an ultimatum, saying that if she did not go straight from the hospital to rehab, then they would be out of her life. This came amid reports that Demi was pushing back against plans to go to rehab, believing that it was not needed.

This groups has apparently won out. People magazine reported this week that Demi agreed to go to rehab directly after her release from the hospital.

“She understands the severity of her overdose and the recovery has been very challenging for her,” a source told the magazine. “She wants to be sober. She wants to get help. She understands that it will take a lot of work and commitment to stay healthy, but this is what she wants.”

Demi Lovato’s friends could have played a part in helping her understand the severity of the situation. A report from TMZ claimed that when Demi’s assistant found her following the overdose, the singer was in such dire condition that her assistant thought Demi was already dead.