Ashley Jacobs Fired From ‘Southern Charm’ – Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Is Gone, Per Radar Online

A lot of the drama just left one of Bravo's most popular shows.

southern charm season 5 kathryn dennis thomas ravenel ashley jacobs fired

A lot of the drama just left one of Bravo's most popular shows.

Season five of Southern Charm was meant to be full of Kathryn Dennis’ journey back, Cameran Eubanks’ baby, and the fun that comes along with the entire cast. Unfortunately for the fans, that focus wasn’t really there as Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs created drama for everyone and each other. While they were able to steal the spotlight for one season, it won’t happen again as Bravo has fired her after just one go-round.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding Ashley Jacobs’ status on Southern Charm and if she was even in a relationship with Thomas any longer. Nothing had been confirmed even though little hints were dropped here and there on social media, but things seem a lot more concrete now.

According to Radar Online, as a break-up looms for one of the power couples of Charleston, Ashley Jacobs has now been fired from Southern Charm. Her feud with star Kathryn Dennis hasn’t helped her standing on the show and All About The Tea reports that after some brainstorming, Jacobs is gone.

It seems as if after some thought being given to the idea of Jacobs returning for season six, the production team chose to fire her last week. The report states her “volatile behavior” was simply too much of a risk for Bravo to continue working with her.

August 3, 2017 I moved away from Santa Barbara, California. A year ago I was living a safe, quiet, private life. Though there wasn't really anything wrong with my life, I just knew I wasn't on the right track. Today, I am living in Charleston, South Carolina. I had met a man, and not too long after, I hopped on a plane and flew 2,300 miles to Charleston with the intention of starting a new life. I left behind my family, friends, my home and basically everything that has made me who I am. I went on a reality show (we all know how that went) and this past March I started working as a nurse. A year ago, I basically had all my ducks in a row, but something was still missing. So I said, “Screw the ducks!” and created chaos. And a chaotic life it is. It is messy, lonely, adventurous, funny, happy, emotional and scary, but it’s all mine. Every time I tell someone my story, I am met with reactions ranging of praise and shock to doubt and judgment over my motives. It’s a complicated life to choose, and a lot of people can’t really wrap their heads around the concept of doing something so extreme. Not a day goes by where I am not met with moments of overwhelming doubt. But the decisions I made became mine and mine alone. I’ve had to learn to embrace the freedom of not knowing. It’s a life that forces me to trust myself because there is no one else around on whom to fall back. If I had never left home, I know exactly where I would be right now and where my life would be going. Now, I couldn't even tell you where I’ll be tomorrow. In becoming the rawest version of myself, I opened up this world of deep emotions I didn’t know were possible. I have learned to embrace those moments of doubt and fear. Those are the moments I realized how capable I am and how much stronger I am as a person for taking the risks I needed to take. I only get one shot at living, so I’m living for myself without the influences of other people getting in the way of who I am. Thank you to all those who have loved me and supported me through this tough journey. I am humbled. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. I am beyond words of gratitude????????

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Reports are that Ashley Jacobs has left Charleston and possibly returned home to California where she is looking to start life over again. Her relationship with Thomas Ravenel has continued to go down in flames and it may actually be close to nonexistent at this point.

While Bravo hasn’t come right out and said that Ashley has been fired from Southern Charm, there are more than just Internet reports of it. A fan posed the question to Kathryn Dennis this week and she was not holding back in being completely honest regarding Jacobs’ status on the show.

Radar Online continued by saying that Ashley Jacobs received $5,000 for flying out to New York and being on the Southern Charm reunion. It was during the taping that she hoped to be asked back for season six, but it never happened.

Southern Charm has grown into one of the biggest reality shows on Bravo and has honestly come to rival most of the Housewives‘ series. The majority of the cast has been around since the beginning and if something works, don’t try to fix it. Many fans don’t think the addition of Ashley Jacobs helped the show at all, but she was dating Thomas Ravenel and it seemed like what needed to be done at the time. With production firing her, the experiment is over and peace may have returned to Charleston.