Carville, Matalin Leave CNN After Network Asks Couple To Move Closer To Washington

James Carville and Mary Matalin are to leave CNN, according to a new report at

The married couple made their CNN debuts as co-hosts of Crossfire, though not together: Matalin first appeared in 1998, while Carville followed her to the show in 2002. When the series was canned by CNN in 2005, the pair became news analysts for the network.

It now transpires the couple, who reside in New Orleans, decided to depart CNN after being pressured by the network to move closer to the political hub of Washington. Speaking to Politico, Carville said the network was ultimately responsible for his and Matalin’s exit:

“I was told that they wanted the contributors to be more available – essentially, closer to Washington. I’m not always available; I don’t live there.”

However, Carville was quick to point out there were no hard feelings, adding:

“I’m completely cool with it.”

CNN is currently undergoing something of an upheaval. As well as Carville’s and Matalin’s exits, managing editor Mark Whitaker resigned on Tuesday. In a statement released to the press, Whitaker seemed to hint at discord with new CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker when he wrote:

“We have a new leader with his own forceful ideas about where to take CNN’s reporting, programming and brand.”

However, Whitaker struck a more cordial note towards the end of his statement:

“As someone who worked with Jeff at NBC, I know what a bold innovator he is, and I wish him and you all the best as you embark on CNN’s next great adventure.”

As well as Carville, Matalin, and Whitaker, political contributor Erick Erickson has also departed CNN for Fox News.