George Michael’s Boyfriend Alleges On Twitter That The Singer Killed Himself

Fadi Fawaz was angry he was cut out of Michael's will.

Tributes of flowers, photographs and candles are left outside the home of pop music icon George Michael in The Grove, Highgate
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Fadi Fawaz was angry he was cut out of Michael's will.

Fadi Fawaz, singer George Michael’s boyfriend at the time of his death, is unhappy that the former Wham singer left him nothing in his will. Fawaz expressed his displeasure on Twitter, suggesting that the singer didn’t overdose accidentally, but took his own life.

PageSix says that Fawaz has bombarded social media with angry messages directed at the singer.

“George I hate you”

He continued suggesting that he shouldn’t be surprised if someone could kill himself that he could also hurt others by disinheriting them. Fawaz and Michael were living together at the time of the singer’s death.

“How can I be disappointed with someone ended their own life. If anyone can do that to themselves (sic), they can do worse things to others.”

Fawaz didn’t stop with social media, as he also talked about Michael being suicidal and trying to take his life several times before he was successful just before Christmas time in 2016.

“It took five attempts.”

Some of Fawaz’s messages make less sense to the public, but seemingly have meaning to those who knew him.

“Your power proved to me you could make a Town not react to loud noise at odd hours.”

Fadi Fawaz seems bent on revenge, or at least to publicly state that George Michael’s death wasn’t accidental.

“Your power proved to me you could turn friends, family and strangers into liars, cowards, and very much inhuman and yet this mega power can’t make or keep someone KIND or LOVING.

“And I cannot wait to prove that to you. With all my hate.”

George Michael’s cousin, Andros Georgiou, said that the singer left his fortune to his sisters, his staff, and various charities, but no boyfriends current or former, including his ex-lover, Kenny Goss.

The bigger problem for those managing the estate of George Michael is that Fawaz is still living in the house where he found Michael’s body which is keeping the estate from putting the property on the market. Fawaz is also suing the estate, contesting his exclusion from Michael’s will.

Georgiou says that Fawz has been offered “go away”money, but the singer’s boyfriend wants more.

“Fadi is threatening to go all the way to High Court but I think the estate will have to settle with him. He’s been offered $650,050 and I think the estate should pay a couple of million to get rid of him.”

The former Wham singer’s death has been complicated by extensive toxicology testing that delayed his funeral for over a month after he was found unresponsive in his London home by Fawaz on Christmas day.