Samantha Markle Compares Her Half-Sister Meghan Markle To Cruella De Vil From ‘101 Dalmatians’

a dalmatian dog
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Meghan Markle is celebrating her first birthday as the Duchess of Sussex, turning 37 today. The Royal Family has sent her many warm wishes on social media, making a post on each account. As reported by Elle, Meghan is spending the day with her husband and will be attending the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee, a close friend of Harry’s.

While her in-laws are working hard to make her feel welcome, her family isn’t quite as enthused about her birthday. The ongoing drama between Meghan and her father is no secret, and her half-siblings have been outspoken about this situation. While her father plans to send a card, her half-sister Samantha took to her locked Twitter account with her frigid birthday message.

According to a screenshot of the private tweet by Daily Mail, Samantha isn’t pleased with the Duchess. Despite not being close to her half-sister, she has quite a bit to say regarding Meghan’s birthday. Posted a few minutes before midnight in the UK, the tweet read:

‘Happy Birthday Meg! It would be so lovely and appropriate of you to send DAD a BELATED birthday card for his July 18th [cake emoji] @KensingtonRoyal Cheers!’

Samantha has been notoriously aggressive towards Meghan, scathing her in tweets and statements to the press. She has firmly sided herself with her father, even going as far as to change her surname from Grant to Markle in solidarity with him. In one tweet, she said that if Thomas dies, it will be Meghan’s fault.

Meghan Markle smiling
We’re not really seeing the resemblance between Meghan and Disney’s Cruella De Vil in this photo. Matt Dunham / AP Images

It doesn’t stop there, however. Samantha has recently gone as far as to compare the Duchess to Cruella De Vil, the antagonist of 101 Dalmatians. In her most recent Twitter rant, she shared an Elle article about the newlyweds Harry and Meghan withdrawing from the spotlight.

“OK so Cruella de Vil is retreating LOL,” she commented above the article. “Let me know how that works out for you.”

She followed up the tweet with two more, one of which referred to Meghan as “Witchy Poo.” Not exactly the kindest thing to say on someone’s birthday, but she seems determined to get her half-sister’s attention one way or another. A commenter noted the futility of her tweets, replying: “I doubt Meghan will ever see your tweet but if she does, it’s gonna have 0% impact on her decisions.”

People have noted in the past that rude remarks aren’t the best way to draw Meghan back towards her family. After all, honey catches more flies than vinegar. We also don’t see the Duchess with any dalmatian puppies, so this nickname might be considered unfair.