Woman Pregnant With Triplets Performs CPR To Save Baby’s Life During Delivery, Then Delivers Two More

This mother didn't let being in labor stop her from protecting her newborn.

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This mother didn't let being in labor stop her from protecting her newborn.

Pregnant with triplets, Danielle Johnston of Saskatchewan begun to perform CPR on her firstborn – Karlee – while still in labor with the other two.

According to the Calgary Herald, Karlee and her two brothers Liam and Jack are currently at the Regina hospital staying in the neonatal intensive care unit. Danielle told the media outlet the triplets will be staying there for at least another two weeks.

“No adverse effects on Karlee at all, and they’re all just so strong and healthy,” Johnston said to the media outlet on Friday.

According to Danielle, she started getting rough contractions, putting her on the bathroom floor of their home on July 16. The contractions came as a bit of a shock as she had just been to a doctor’s appointment hours earlier. During the appointment, she was reassured she looked great for someone who was 32 weeks pregnant with triplets.

Little Karlee was born shortly after the contractions started. According to Johnston, she noticed her new baby didn’t appear to be breathing correctly.

“Her breathing was really shallow and lagging, so I just gave her CPR and pumped her chest until the ambulance came,” Johnston explained.

Danielle recalled that it took over 45 minutes for the paramedics to arrive. Once they arrived, they put an oxygen mask on Karlee before taking them to a hospital nearby in Weyburn before transporting them to Regina. At Regina, Danielle went back for a cesarean section to deliver Liam and Jack. Karlee’s brothers were officially born a day later on July 17.

At the age of 34, Johnston and her husband Trevor are now the proud parents of seven children.

“Little kids are amazing and I just love them. But the chance of having triplets like we did is one in 10,000 naturally like this, so obviously, you know, they’re here for a reason.”

Danielle also told Calgary Herald her 15-year-old son Dillon played a very heroic role in the birth of his new siblings as he called 911 after his mother started having contractions. Dillon then helped his mother to the couch before wrapping his new baby sister in a blanket. He even drove the family vehicle out to the highway to meet the ambulance and bring them back to the house.

Danielle noted that her son Dillon has always talked about wanting to be a mechanic, but she now thinks he should entertain becoming a paramedic instead.

“Because he was so calm and cool and collected,” Johnston told the media outlet. “It was just amazing for a kid. Jeeze, he just did wonderful. I’m so proud of him.”

Johnston has learning CPR from her job as a school bus driver to thank as what allowed her to perform the life-saving technique on her daughter until help arrived.

Despite such a hectic birth experience, Johnston confirms she and her family are doing well.