Snooki Shows Birth Of Son Lorenzo On ‘Snooki & JWoww’

Snooki has made almost the entirety of her private life available for public consumption, and on Tuesday night she offered one of the few moments that had not been seen — the birth of her son.

The birth of Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, was featured on the Jersey Shore reality spinoff Snooki JWoww. The show, which picked up where last week’s episode left off as Snooki was just starting to go into heavy labor, showed the proud mother holding the still-bloody baby in her arms.

As the episode aired, Snooki reflected back on the process of giving birth, E! News noted.

“Crying my eyeballs out! Love my son!!! #SnookiandJWOWW,” Snooki tweeted, “So hard to tweet and hold my now 14lb Lorenzo lol! Hope you guys are enjoying this episode! LOVE U XO #SnookiandJWOWW.”

The emotional moments captured by the television cameras included Snooki’s parents getting misty eyed at hearing their grandson crying.

Snooki had initially decided to keep the birth private, barring MTV cameras from the delivery room. But she ultimately changed her mind.

Producer Sally Ann Salsano told Entertainment Weekly:

“[Snooki’s fiance] Jionni shot it. We said, “We don’t need that to tell the story. That’s your own personal time.” Then afterwards Snooki was like, “You know what? I want to share it.” We were watching [the birth footage] one day. She was like, “Watch this with me.” I’m like, “There are some things I never need to see. I feel like I’ve seen too much of you to begin with. I wish I could erase some of the memories I have.” She’s like, “No no no. There’s nothing weird.” I was like, “If there’s something weird in there I will kill you.” She’s like, “I promise.” We watched it and I was like, “Okay Snooki why don’t you give it a quick pass and take out anything you don’t want me to have.” And she said, “There’s nothing in here I wouldn’t share.” She rightfully handed over the footage and we edited it into the show. Snooki has always been so open so I think for her it felt weird to actually close off.The birth was originally going to be kept private, and in fact Snooki barred MTV cameras from entering the delivery room. Instead, she ended up sharing what taken as private video.”

Though Snooki was known on Jersey Shore for her drinking and partying, Salsano notes that this development was not unexpected.

“That first sit down interview I did with Snooki she was this wide-eyed girl who goes to the Jersey Shore every summer,” Salsano recalled. “I’m not saying she didn’t party and do cartwheels in her mini skirt but like went to Jersey Shore really always wanting to meet her husband. She was like, ‘I wanna marry a Jersey guy. I wanna have my first kid at least by 25.’ Actually everything she wanted out of life happened. And America fell in love with her and her dream came true.”