Blac Chyna's Young Boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay Referred To Himself As 'Her Oldest Son' In Latest Instagram Post

Blac Chyna's boyfriend, YNB Almighty Jay, is just 18-years-old. This means that he's 11 years younger than Chyna. In his latest Instagram post, he said that "Blac Chyna Got Her Oldest Son A New Puppy Before School Starts Back," which made the otherwise normal photo into something worth noting.

For some, like People, the comment is just a joke that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Even so, even if it's a joke, it's a bit strange. Perez Hilton's headline for the story started with "Ew Ew Ewwwww!" Some readers may agree with this assessment more.

In the photo, YNB is sitting next to Chyna with a puppy dog in his lap. Chyna has her hands wrapped around his face, as she kisses his forehead. She even told her boyfriend that "U deserve it" in the comments.

Chyna's other kids include 1-year-old Dream and 5-year-old King Cairo. But YNB is definitely not her son, just to be clear.

Fans responded with varied messages. Some said "Lmfaoooo y'all gross as h*ll," while others criticized the age gap. One fan said that "Like [YNB] don't [sic] even look like a man yet. She needs therapy or to do some soul searching so she can love her self [sic]," according to Hollywood Life. Others called Chyna the "cougar of the year."

The couple first announced that they were together back in March. They took a break in May, but have since gotten back together. Prior to YNB, Chyna dated R&B singer Mechie, according to Us Weekly. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when a sex video leaked of Chyna and Mechie, while Mechie denies that he was the one that filmed it.
Regardless, many believed the incident was a case of "revenge porn." So after that fiasco, Chyna got together with YNB. The rapper's real name is Jay Bradley, and he's from Galveston County, Texas. His career took off after he started posting on YouTube, and has lots of aspirations for his future.

"I wanna be a legend when it's all said and done," he once said. "I got 'legend' tattooed behind my ear, 'cause I know that's what I'm gonna be." He also added that he wants to be remembered along with Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem, detailed the Daily Mail.

For now, it appears that YNB is trying to fend off his haters with an awkward joke. It apparently didn't bother Chyna, and that's probably what's most important.