Archaeologists Have Discovered New Hidden Treasures In Pompeii In The Home Of A 'Wealthy And Cultured' Man

The many wonders of Pompeii never cease as archaeologists have just revealed that they have discovered new treasures hidden deep inside the home of what they call a "wealthy and cultured" man. So while the eruption of Mount Vesuvius may have laid waste to the town in 79 CE and left it buried beneath a thick coat of ash and rock, there are still plenty of objects left to discover, as this newest find shows.

According to the Daily Mail, the new house that was recently discovered in Pompeii has been given the title of the House of Jupiter, and was found while archaeologists were busy conducting conservation work around the Regio V district of the town. Its name stems from artwork of Jupiter that was found in the garden of the former occupant's home.

While this home was previously known to archaeologists who were working in Pompeii during the 18th and 19th centuries, it has just been rediscovered again, with a host of frescoes and other intricate objects recovered. And despite the fact that the works of art found at the House of Jupiter are around 2,000-years-old, they were still found to be in amazingly great shape.

The house was fully decked out in what is referred to as first Roman style, or primo stile pompeiano, with many of its rooms painted in vivid shades of yellow, green, and red. In addition, there was a lavish central atrium that was also found inside the House of Jupiter.

Massimo Osanna, who serves as the director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, explained that the back rooms were predominantly modern at the time they were designed, while other areas were designed in a much more vintage fashion.
"The rooms in the back, reserved for the family, had been restored with more contemporary decor. The domus had vintage decoration in the first Pompeian style. The owner must have been wealthy and cultured, aware of the value of painting."
In the confines of Pompeii's House of Jupiter, archaeologists have recovered a wide assortment of items which include various glass objects, coins, lion heads made out of terra cotta, and specialized roof tiles.

According to Osanna, the excavation that is being carried out around this home is the largest of its kind that has occurred in this particular area of Pompeii.

Because archaeologists are busy excavating the alleyway and other areas around this home, work is slated to continue at the House of Jupiter in Pompeii until 2020.