Police Brutality Video: Bridgeport Cops Allegedly Stomped Suspect

Bridgeport, CT — Three city police officers have been reassigned to desk duty after being caught on tape apparently stomping a suspect in a public park.

The video (see below) was recently posted to YouTube although the incident reportedly occurred back in May 2011. As a result of the video surfacing, an internal affairs investigation is now underway, and state prosecutors may intervene.

The suspect himself never lodged a complaint of excessive force with the police department at the time. He has now, however, filed a $1 million lawsuit in federal court charging the officers with among other things violating his constitutional rights, the Connecticut Post reports, which also notes that the suspect “pleaded guilty to drug and gun charges in July and was sentenced to five years in prison.”

The Hartford Courant describes the alleged police brutality incident in Bridgeport:

“In the video, a man trying to run from police is shot with a stun gun. Once he is down, two officers appear to start kicking and stomping him. Shortly after, a third officer pulls up in a cruiser, gets out and appears to join in the beating.”

All three officers have been on the Bridgeport police force for 10 years.

WFSB Hartford Channel 3 reports that two of the officers in the video were named in another police brutality complaint around the same time and that one of them is a defendant in a pending federal lawsuit filed by a man who claimed he was beaten up following a traffic stop.

Watch the video of police officers allegedly beating a suspect in Bridgeport, Conn. (note that some of the audio is NSFW):