Zac Efron Braided His Dreadlocks And Created A Major Controversy

The Kardashians aren't the only ones causing some major drama with a hairstyle. In fact, actor Zac Efron seems to have doubled down on his controversial hairstyle lately.

Efron raised eyebrows and concerns of cultural appropriation last month when he got dreadlocks, according to a report from Cosmopolitan. Somewhat surprisingly, the The Greatest Showman actor actually took the unconventional hairstyle and braided them. He held the braids back with a blue bandana.

The actor posted the look on Twitter yesterday during what appeared to be a fishing expedition on the Los Angeles River with his brother, Dylan. Efron showed off a carp, but fans noticed his hair more than the idyllic setting of his picture.

His brother also shared a different picture of their sibling bonding time on his Instagram.

"Finally fished the LA River. Been wanting to do this for a while now and brought some friends with me. Thanks @calicarpin for the guru tips," Dylan wrote.

According to a Yahoo! Lifestyle report, last month, when Efron debuted his new 'do with the caption "Just for fun," people found the look racially insensitive and called it an example of white privilege.

While some fans appreciated seeing the brothers along with Zac's beautiful smile, others did not enjoy the continued dreadlocks situation.

Twitter user, Emily Barcheski‏ asked the Baywatch star, "Excuse me sir what are you doing with your hair?" While she didn't receive a response from the vacationing actor, many other users echoed her sentiments.

Another person tweeted, "Zac I love you so much. But baby, that hair. WUT IS U DOIN?"

Other fans begged him to please change his hair as soon as possible.

"People getting upset over his dreads? C'mon... As @ladygaga would say, @ZacEfron is not his hair. #DreadLockGate," one fan posted.

While Efron is indeed more than just his hair, many would argue that some people face extreme discrimination for the dreadlock hairstyle, which is why some find the former Disney star adopting the style as offensive.

It looks like Efron does not care that much what people think about his choice in hairstyle. He debuted his new locks last month, and despite the outcry, he hasn't made any effort to change it. For now, Zac Efron appears to be set on enjoying his time off and spending some quality moments with his brother judging from his other recent Twitter posts.