NBA Rumors: Jason Kidd Wants To Coach The Golden State Warriors

Jason Kidd played an impressive NBA career and has gone down as one of the best point guards of All-Time. Since his playing days, he has had a rough time sticking with a team as a head coach. He has found success at almost every stop, but most recently was fired by the Milwaukee Bucks after getting off to a slow start last season.

Despite the disappointments that he has faced in the coaching staff thus far, Kidd has not given up the dream. He actually has a team picked out that he would like to coach at some point in the future.

According to Kidd in a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance, Kidd would like to coach the Golden State Warriors in the future. He also mentioned that he would consider coaching high school or college basketball. Kidd simply wants to coach in the Bay Area at this point in his career.

"One day, I'll come back and hopefully coach in the Bay Area. This has always been home. And so hopefully maybe in high school, maybe in college. Or maybe if Steve Kerr ever decides to stop coaching, I can maybe help out with the Warriors one day."
Steve Kerr doesn't appear to be slowing down or losing his enjoyment of coaching the Warriors anytime soon. He has won three championships with the Warriors in the last four years. The team loves him as their head coach as well.

Unless something unexpected happens, the Warriors' head coaching job will not be vacant for quite some time.

In his five seasons as an NBA head coach, Kidd has compiled a 183-190 record. Outside of the 2015-16 season with the Bucks, Kidd has never finished a regular season below a 50 percent win rate. That being said, his record was impacted negatively in a big way that season with the Bucks finishing just 33-49.

Perhaps Kidd could join Kerr's staff as an assistant coach, although that may not be to his liking. Coaching high school or college basketball might be his best bet. If he finds success there, perhaps in a few years he could make his way back into the NBA.

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening with Kidd in the future. He doesn't seem to be in a rush to make a decision on where to coach next and seems to be taking his time to make the right decision.

Expect to see Kidd get back into the coaching game at some point in the near future and don't be surprised if he's working in the Bay Area sooner rather than later.