'Bachelorette' Star Leo Dottavio Hit With Sexual Harassment Allegations Via 'Bachelor' Star Bekah Martinez

Former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez first popped up on television screens last winter during Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season and she's stayed connected to the franchise in various ways since then. She popped up on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season a couple of times and now Martinez is shaking things up on social media. In this case, it's in regards to Leo Dottavio of Becca's season and allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The New York Post details that Bekah Martinez first shared these allegations via her Instagram page earlier this week. The Bachelor star explained that she hasn't had untoward interactions with Bachelorette contestant Leo Dottavio herself. In fact, Leo and Bekah apparently have not met in person as of yet. Rather, Martinez noted that she came across information on Reddit and it seems that as she started collecting information from there, more and more details emerged.

Martinez initially shared one post that supposedly came from Dottavio via Instagram several years ago that showed a crude comment allegedly made by him. From there, Bekah indicates that other women contacted her to share their own supposed experiences with Leo, some going back to his college days. Bekah now says that she's received at least a dozen messages from women who detail specific experiences with the Bachelorette contestant that include "unwanted" pictures of his genitals or other types of sexual harassment.

For his part, Dottavio says that the initial screenshot Martinez used was photoshopped. He contacted a lawyer, and that lawyer has been in touch with Bekah. The former Bachelor contestant says that Leo's attorney told her to take down her Instagram posts related to this and issue an apology, or he'd pursue a lawsuit for defamation.

Bekah said she will not share the names of the women who have contacted her, as she wants to maintain their privacy. However, she says that she's also heard some things from other cast members from the franchise as well that "do not lend to his character."

As this situation started to make headlines, Dottavio took to his Instagram Stories to post a reply. He said that he has never had someone come to him with accusations of sexual harassment or to tell him that he had made them feel uncomfortable. Leo does say, however, that he isn't a perfect person and has never claimed to be. The Bachelorette contestant says that he did do things in college he's now embarrassed about, and he says he was part of his "culture, the times, movies" back then.

Leo also said that he'd like the opportunity to "right my wrongs" if there was anybody who felt uncomfortable or harassed by his actions in the past. Dottavio closed the post by noting that he wants to use this situation as a way to treat the women in his life better and to better himself.

Bekah's initial posts about this situation are all collected and posted in the "Sue Me" bubble on her Instagram page. Since initially posting all of those, she has added to her Stories noting that she continues to get messages from women who say they've had similar experiences with Leo.

Martinez explains that she feels that the way Dottavio has handled this is representative of the "toxic culture" in our society currently that tends to silence women and give abusers power. In her "Sue Me" posts she shows screenshots of messages she's exchanged with Leo as well as posts, both supportive and critical, she's now received from others.

This has quickly become rather messy and Bekah Martinez recently noted in her Stories that she was planning to step away and take a break from the situation. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans are definitely buzzing over these allegations against Leo Dottavio and many will be curious to see what, if anything, develops next.