Chloe Lanier Confirms 'General Hospital' Exit, Last Scenes Set To Air Very Soon [Spoilers]

General Hospital spoilers started swirling recently that actress Chloe Lanier was leaving the show and her role of Nelle Benson. Neither the actress or the show provided any type of confirmation or denial of those initial rumors as the news spread. However, now Lanier has shared via a new interview that she is departing and she has already filmed her last scenes.

Chloe Lanier just did an interview with Soap Opera Digest and they discuss the fact that she has decided to leave General Hospital. Spoilers about this exit started to make the rounds about a month ago, as was noted by the Inquisitr, but Chloe managed to avoid addressing the buzz on this until now. Viewers can see that the latest drama involving Nelle Benson can easily pave the way to an exit and now it looks like that's exactly where things are headed.

Lanier confirms that she is leaving General Hospital and she notes that she wrapped up filming quite recently. Chloe had gone on an amazing vacation to Turks and Caicos in early July and she happened to run into fellow GH star Laura Wright while she was there. It turns out that Lanier was back on the show's set to film one more time the day after her vacation ended.

The General Hospital actress details that she's known since she initially signed her contract to play Nelle that she intended to leave after two years and she's anxious to tackle new roles. However, spoilers suggest that the door will be left open for a possible return down the road and Lanier says she'd be happy to come back here and there on a recurring basis.

While Chloe couldn't share any specific General Hospital spoilers about Nelle's exit, it sounds as if her final scenes may be emotional ones with the character of Carly. In addition, it seems there will be some more moments between Nelle and Chase before Lanier is gone. According to SheKnows Soaps, Chloe's last GH scenes will air during the week of August 6.

General Hospital viewers have had strong opinions about the character of Nelle. While many will say they are thrilled to see her go, numerous fans have noted that Lanier herself has done an amazing job with this storyline. For her part, Chloe notes that she's loved playing these crazy moments and she's satisfied with how things wrap up with Nelle.

Given these General Hospital spoilers, it seems likely that Nelle Benson will be sent off to jail and her baby will stay with Brad and Lucas as "Wiley" for now. Chloe Lanier teases that her last scenes will be juicy and intense and it sounds as if viewers have some great stuff to look forward to next week.