'General Hospital' Spoilers: Josslyn Lashes Out At Nelle, Lulu Unloads On Peter, And Finn Finds Trouble

Friday's episode of General Hospital should be a wild one according to the latest spoilers. Nelle managed to escape her room at GH before she could be put behind bars, but she'll have to face off with Josslyn before she can get out of Port Charles. Chase and Jordan will be scrambling to find her, and teasers share that Finn and Robert will take the next step in their search for Anna. What else can everybody expect from the August 3 show?

General Hospital spoilers from the preview shared on Twitter indicate that Josslyn will not waste any time in letting Nelle know she's up to speed on all of her shenanigans. Joss will show that she is her mother's daughter by telling Nelle that she messed with the wrong family, although teasers hint that Nelle may try to sweet talk her first.

Chase will make a call to get an APB put out on "Janelle" before he even leaves her room at General Hospital. Also, spoilers detail that Jordan will soon be making a call to ask someone questions about her.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Brad will continue to be distracted and conflicted as he and Lucas spend time with the baby and Finn is reportedly backed into a rough spot. Previews show him getting onto the elevator with someone, and fans wonder if it might be the man who kidnapped Anna. In any case, Finn and Robert are preparing to search for Anna and this might be quite the wild ride.

Stella will talk with Curtis and apparently, she comes clean, although they'll banter a bit about her recent attempts to meddle in his relationship. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll make an effort, at least to an extent, to support Curtis as he works toward marrying Jordan, but viewers know that twists are on the way on that front.

The August 3 episode will also bring a chat between Maxie and Nina, and Maxie will continue to pick up on odd responses and behavior from Nina. Will Nina unload and confide in Maxie all of the details about the Peter situation?

Friday's show also features Lulu heading to see Peter at General Hospital. Spoilers share that she will unload on him, blasting him for how he manipulated her and how she ended up playing right into his hands. From the sounds of things, a lot of this chaos will carry over into Monday's show and the week of August 6 should be a dramatic one that viewers will not want to miss.