Morgan Beck Miller Says She's Searching For Ways To Bring Daughter Back Following Drowning Incident

The Miller family is still reeling after the loss of their beloved daughter, Emeline.

The 19-month-old passed away in June after a tragic drowning incident. Since then, Olympian Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan Beck Miller have shared multiple posts paying tribute to their late daughter. Additionally, the couple is now doing everything in their power to raise awareness about water safety. Earlier today, Morgan shared a sweet photo of Emeline along with a heart-wrenching caption.

"I often find myself wanting to reach into videos and pictures and just pull you out," Miller wrote. "Searching for ways to bring you back so our family is whole again. So our hearts are whole again. We miss you so much, my love."

Miller then sent a warning to anyone who ever watches a child, warning them about the dangers of drowning, which can happen in a split second.

"Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts and Uncles, EVERYONE….Please don't rely on the visual stimulant of water to create your awareness," she wrote. "Understand that almost 70% of drownings occur when your children are not expected to be near the water. When you think they are in the playroom or on the sofa watching tv."

"Always be aware of water and place as many barriers between your child and those bodies of water as possible (locks, door alarms, pool fences). None of us are immune to this devastatingly life changing statistic. It can happen so fast and forever change your world," Morgan warned her followers, adding the hashtags "#drowningprevention," "#helpspreadawareness," "#knowledgeispower" and "#stopdrowningnow."

Along with the caption of the photo was an adorable picture of Emeline. In the image, the tot sits on a lounge chair in what appears to be the family's backyard. She dons red, white, and blue necklaces around her neck as she looks down at the ground. Her hair is wet and it seems as though she just got out of the pool.

As the Inquisitr shared in June, Bode Miller and his wife lost their daughter in a freak drowning accident. At the time, it was reported that the incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon while the family was at a neighbor's house in Coto de Caza, California. Bode was at a Softball game with his other daughter while Morgan and Emeline went to a neighbor's house who was "like family" to them. Morgan got caught up in conversation with her friend as the children played.

Before she knew it, she looked over and saw the door cracked open and then discovered her tiny daughter floating in the pool. 911 was called and they tried to revive Emeline but sadly, she was under water for too long and didn't make it.

Since the drowning, the Millers have been actively promoting water safety.