'American Horror Story' Season 8 Combines 'Coven' And 'Murder House'

Just a month to go for the new season of American Horror Story which will combine the Murder House season with Coven for Apocalypse. The new season is star-studded, but also includes the return of many fan favorites. The premise of this season according to creator Ryan Murphy is what life will be like after an apocalypse.

Vanity Fair got a few tips from cast members including Billy Eichner who will return from Season 7. Eichner was photographed cover in blue goop preparing for a scene.

"I'm not allowed to say a word but...it's so insane. It's just so insane."
Adina Porter, who was in the last two seasons of AHS (she played Beverly Porter in Cult) says that Murphy's picture of doomsday is darker and crazier than she ever imagined.
"I thought, because of The 100 and Apocalypse, that I knew everything about what life after an apocalypse would be—but Ryan Murphy and the writers of American Horror Story have shown a whole other side of an apocalypse. So, I think people will be surprised and intrigued, and yet again, I think, blown away by the performances that I'm seeing."
All of the casts of AHS have been a large ensemble, but Apocalypse is reported to be the largest yet, with the return of a key character, Michael Langdon ( the demon baby from Murder House) who is now an adult. Also guaranteed for Apocalypse are Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Emma Roberts, and Billie Lourd.

Murphy is being secretive and a bit cagey, doing that tweet and delete thing that gets fans wound up.

"All the witches are being asked back."
Could that mean Jessica Lange is back? Lady Gaga?

Well, they are not confirmed, yet, but newbie Joan Collins is a lock to play Evan Peters' grandmother, and Kathy Bates is back in an unknown role. The new season is debuting in mid-September and will reportedly satisfy even the diehard AHS fans.

And Broadway.com says that Ryan Murphy was looking to the stage to add new talent to AHS, including Tony winner Billy Porter, who had vowed to never work in Hollywood again. But now he is saying that working on AHS is a "dream come true."
"In September of 2002, I left Los Angeles, vowing never to return until I was working on someone's studio lot. I spent three years out here as a black gay man trying to get work, and nobody was coming for me. Everybody told me that I was worthless and useless, and I would never work as a gay boy. I knew there was something better for me. I knew that I would be able to change the world if I stayed in it, but I made that vow to myself. And, child, I got off the plane and came to the 20th Century Fox lot to be on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story. All I can say is dreams do come true."
American Horror Story Apocalypse will debut on FX on September 12.