Kourtney Kardashian Dishes Which Items From Kim And Kylie's Makeup Collections She Likes Best

The Kardashian sisters are always supporting each other's business endeavors but when push comes to shove, Kourtney Kardashian does have favorites in her sisters' makeup lines.

While Kylie Jenner runs the wildly popular Kylie Cosmetics site that sells everything from lip liners to eye shadow, Kim Kardashian recently started a makeup line of her own in KKW Beauty. And while Kourtney supports both of her sisters' popular makeup lines, she does play favorites when it comes to certain products, according to People. The eldest Kardashian sister told the media outlet what she just couldn't live without.

"I would pick Kylie Jenner lip liner, because that's the lip liner I wear every day, and then I think I would have to pick Kim's concealer. But to me, I don't mind if I don't look contoured, but I do like a little lip definition, so I might pick Kylie's."
And while Kourtney says that she does use Kylie's lip gloss from time to time, she's more of a lipstick girl, so she generally uses Kim's KKW Beauty lipsticks more than Kylie's.

"I do use her gloss, but I'm a lipstick [user] — I like it matte," she explained.

Kourt told the news outlet that she does like to downplay her make up from time to time, opting for a more subtle look. And not surprisingly, she uses both of her sisters' products as a mix for these days, wearing "a little of Kim's contour, a little lip liner, tiny mascara and that's it."

Both Kylie and Kim's makeup businesses have been wildly popular with their army of fans. Oftentimes, both women sell out of products in just minutes after their release. And Kylie's makeup line has been so successful that it recently landed the 20-year-old on the cover of Forbes. As the Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, Kylie was named the youngest self-made billionaire all thanks to her wildly popular makeup line.

Thus far, Kylie has already amassed a net worth of $900 million, most of which comes from her lip kit sales. In 2017 alone, the cosmetics line did $330 million in sales and in its lifetime, the cosmetics company has done over $630 million in sales. Forbes values the business at $800 million and Jenner is on pace to break the billion-dollar mark any day now. And guess what? She owns 100 percent of the business herself.

Jenner proudly shared a photo of the cover on Instagram with a humble caption after the cover was released.

"wow. i can't believe I'm posting my very own @forbes cover. thank you for this article and the recognition. I'm so blessed to do what i love everyday. i couldn't have dreamt this up! #KylieCosmetics"
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