'Southern Charm's' Kathryn Dennis Hints She Might Be 'The Bachelorette'

Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis has had quite the ride on the reality show. From giving birth to two children as the result of a relationship with co-star and politician Thomas Ravenel to substance abuse that landed her in rehab to cleaning up her act and becoming a fan favorite, life has been anything but boring for the reality television star. Many of those who have followed her journey have come to admire her strength and honesty and are eager to see what comes next. Well according to Dennis herself, what comes next may be a stint on ABC's The Bachelorette.

Kathryn popped onto Twitter Wednesday night to share some things with her followers. The subject of one of her tweets was Patricia Altschul's attack on Ashley Jacobs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the matriarch recently suggested that Jacobs is not in love with Thomas Ravenel but rather, she is using him for his money.

"I think it's hard to fall in love after five dates. Call me a skeptic, and the fact that she was so adamant about getting a ring, getting clothes, getting jewelry, getting Vuitton luggage, I mean, it seemed a little too obvious to just be love."
Then there is Jacobs blaming Altschul for Ravenel's decision to not appear on the reunion show. Kathryn and Patricia have become close of late, and she didn't take kindly to Jacobs attacking her friend. Not that she needed a reason to not like Jacobs. In fact, earlier Wednesday, Dennis attacked Ravenel's girlfriend for saying that her dramatic weight loss is due to the stress of appearing on Southern Charm.
"Girl this is your first year and you're an a**hole. Sorry to be blunt but there's no excuse. The original cast has been through a helluva lot more. Get yourself together and move on. Be an a**hole in private. Truth hurts. Bye."
Kathryn also shared an article on Twitter that said she had "come out on top" in her battle with Ashley Jacobs. She added to the tweet, "Good intentions win."

Dennis had been tweeting with followers earlier in the week about The Bachelorette, likely prompting Wednesday's question about whether she would consider being on the show. She replied, "Actually I'm kind of in talks about it." Responses to that were mixed with some saying that they had not watched the show in years but would if she were on it. Others said they felt she's too classy to appear on The Bachelorette or that they feared she would be manipulated or become involved in the drama she didn't need in her life.

Dennis hasn't commented further about any ongoing discussions between her and ABC about her appearing on The Bachelorette and ABC has not made mention of the possibility.