Colombian Officials Plan To Legalize Ecstasy

A Colombian official has announced the that country intends to sign into law a new drugs bill that will legalize the use of certain drugs, including ecstasy.

This proposal would replace the current system, which bans the use of cocaine and marijuana, even though people aren’t prosecuted if they are in possession of small amounts.

This decision is because the government are currently looking to tackle the drug use, and trafficking in the country. But critics have been quick to point out that this adjustment will only confuse matters.

Ruth Stella Correa, the country’s Justice Minister, told Colombia’s National Radio, “The new statute to be presented to the Congress during this mandate intends to make this authorisation concrete, but broadening it to include synthetic drugs into what is defined as the personal dose.”

The country’s Green Party was quick to support the issue, stating, “The problem in Colombia is a problem with soft drugs: marijuana and cocaine. The curse of drug trafficking depends fundamentally on cocaine and the decriminalisation in the world will end this business.”

This new drug bill is expected to be brought to the Colombian Congress over the next few months, however critics have been quick to note that the personal use of synthetic drugs is only going to make the debate more complicated.

However, this announcement has led to the discussion over drug use in Colombia being reopened and the countries more conservative approach to this topic is set to be adjusted over the next few months.

Do you think that Colombia should legalise ecstasy?