Robert Rodriguez Sued For Rival Danny Trejo Action Film

Looks like director Robert Rodriguez has some scandal on his hands. The director of the popular film Machete franchise is getting sued by an action film production that stars Danny Trejo.

Trejo, who could probably thank most of his career to Rodriguez, has been a part of Robert Rodriguez’ productions for years. These films have made Trejo an action star, so much that Trejo decided to work on another film that may conflict with the promotion of the upcoming sequel Machete Kills, among other conflicts. This is a move after two decades of making films together.

Deadline broke the news that an independent producer is suing the director for a whopping $11 million. The complaints filed, which can be found on ITN site, highlights that the producer of the opposing action flick is saying Rodriguez used “threats and intimidation” to try and stop the Trejo action film Vengeance from coming out.

One of the claims reads:

“Rodriguez feared that the promotion of another film starring Danny Trejo would diminish the Machete Kills brand and would threaten box office numbers and thus set in motion a plan to diminish ITN’s reputation and stifle the success of the film and the App Game.”

Cinemablend notes that, even though we’re hearing about this drama surrounding Trejo’s image, this has been going on since November:

“Trejo and Rodriguez’s agent Gloria Hinojosa called Steve Wozniak – who endorsed the Vengeance app – to say that ITN’s Flix’s CEO Gil Medina was a “con man” who had no deal in place with Trejo.”

Do you think the producer of Vengeance has a case on his hands?