Scientology Opened Office One Mile From Leah Remini’s TV Offices To Watch Her Every Move, Per ‘Radar Online’

Richard Shotwell/InvisionAP Images

Leah Remini may have left Scientology, but the religion apparently isn’t ready to leave her alone.

The actress left the church five years ago and spoke out against its alleged abuse and harassment in a series of interviews and documentaries. The Church of Scientology continued to keep close tabs on Remini, with Radar Online reporting that they opened an office just one mile from the production offices of Remini’s A&E docuseries, Scientology: The Aftermath.

A source told the celebrity news outlet that the Church of Scientology had found out where Leah Remini was planning to open the television offices and made sure they were nearby.

“The Church of Scientology is making it clear to Leah and staff members for her anti-Scientology show they will always be watching her every move. They can set up anywhere, and will do so,” the source said.

Leah Remini has already won an Emmy for Scientology: The Aftermath, and previewed the third season by saying that they planned to expose more about the church. As Entertainment Weekly noted, the upcoming season will explore the alleged disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, the wife of current Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Remini has joined a number of other former members who have spoken out against the church, saying it was abusive and controlling of its members, even requiring family members to cut off contact with others who have left the church.

Remini shared that the Church of Scientology had also dialed up a campaign of personal attacks and harassment during the production of the third season of her show and that they were targeting many people who had involvement on its production, not just her.

“It has been worse this season than any other season for us and for our contributors,” she said. “They are kind of dialing up the attacks in that they’re going after people who are not used to this. They’re going after people who are just good men and women who are saying, ‘Listen, I wasn’t a Scientologist, but I was willing to speak out,’ or, ‘I want to know where my family member is after watching Going Clear and listening to what happened to everyone at the [Scientology international headquarters] Gold Base.'”

The Church of Scientology had pushed back against Leah Remini’s allegations, claiming that it had opened its offices months before the actress had moved in, and claimed that she is “unhinged and delusory.”