NFL Rumors: Earl Thomas Wants An Extension Or A Trade From Seahawks

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Earl Thomas has been one of the most talked about names in the NFL rumor mill this offseason. His drama with the Seattle Seahawks has been very apparent and it seems like things could reach an all-time high in the near future. Following an offseason of drama, Thomas has finally made his demands clear to the Seahawks.

According to a report shared by Bleacher Report, Thomas is demanding that the Seahawks either trade him or give him a contract extension. There have been no reports about which direction Seattle would rather go. Seattle’s star safety did talk about why he wants one move or the other.

“If you’re risking your body to deliver all of this value to an organization, then you deserve some sort of assurance that the organization will take care of you if you get hurt. It’s that simple. This isn’t new, and this isn’t complicated. It’s the reason I’m holding out—I want to be able to give my everything, on every play, without any doubt in my mind.”

Early on during the offseason, trade rumors would not stop surrounding Thomas and the Dallas Cowboys. He is infamously known for telling Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett to come get him following a game between the Cowboys and Seahawks last season. That was a bit of drama in and of itself.

Seattle also released star cornerback Richard Sherman this offseason and star safety Kam Chancellor was forced to retire from football due to health issues. That leaves Thomas as the last key member of the “Legion of Boom.” More than likely, Thomas will be on his way out of town at some point in the near future.

Last season with the Seahawks, Thomas ended up recording 88 total tackles to go along with a forced fumble, two interceptions, a defensive touchdown, and seven defended passes. Those numbers should make quite a few teams come to Seattle with interest in acquiring the star safety.

Thomas has also reached out to the Oakland Raiders with interest in having them try to acquire him.

At 29-years-old, no one can blame Thomas for being frustrated with the Seahawks. They have not given him a new deal and are releasing a lot of Thomas’ close friends and teammates. Pete Carroll and company may want to hold onto their talented safety, but it will take a big deal to get that done.

Expect to hear more news about Thomas ahead of the 2018 NFL season. It appears that he will open the season with the Seahawks, but a trade prior to the NFL trade deadline wouldn’t be shocking.