Barack Obama Releases His Endorsement List, Declines To Support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When Barack Obama released his endorsement list for midterm nominees, the name that was glaringly evident as being absent was that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist and former Bernie Sanders campaign worker. They are some who are hailing her as the darling of the new wave of Democrats, as was reported at Inquisitr. While an endorsement from the former president isn't a make-or-break thing for anyone running for office, it is cited as sending a not so subtle message to Ocasio-Cortez, that now is possibly not her time.

Ocasio-Cortez has been hitting the road with and without Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), fundraising and spreading the Democratic Socialist message to most any venue that will host her. The reception she has received on the road has been mostly warm, although she has made some high profile mistakes regarding foreign policy and not knowing which color is associated to which party, that the press has seized on. The biggest question most people have raised is why someone from New York that hasn't been sworn into Congress yet, or even officially elected yet, is touring the U.S. giving speeches, rather than figuring out how to best serve her own backyard.

It has been suggested that it is possible the former president does not feel Ocasio-Cortez reflects the values he desires in candidates. The notion has also been floated that it is possible that he does not believe she's ready to serve in Congress yet, as she has struggled to articulate her policy goals or demonstrate a firm grasp on DNC planks because she is too liberal for even Hollywood, as posited by The Hollywood Reporter. It is possible that as she is basically running unopposed, he felt he could better focus his efforts on closer races. Some have theorized that she is not being viewed as a real Democrat, in the same way that Bernie Sanders was not viewed as one by the Democrat party as put forth by Red State. The final theory that has been put forth is intriguing, but not likely, which is she is too closely connected to Sen. Sanders, as theorized by The Observer.
Whatever the reason that Obama has for not endorsing Ocasio-Cortez, he is keeping it close to the vest. It is still possible that Obama will endorse Ocasio-Cortez closer to elections, as was reported by Fox News, but that remains to be seen. It is also worth pointing out that major news outlets have not been speculating as to why Obama withheld his endorsement for her, possibly because it is unlikely that Obama will ever comment on it.