‘Prince Of Persia’ Has Been ‘Paused’ By Ubisoft


Ubisoft has reportedly pressed “Pause” on the video game franchise Prince of Persia.

The company recently revealed that it was taking a break from the series. According to Gamespot, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat said putting the franchise on the back burner is the best decision for the time being.

While the game may not make an appearance for quite some time, Mallat said the company had no intention of entirely doing away with Prince of Persia.

The Ubisoft CEO told IGN:

“Brand management is a tricky thing. It needs people’s attention a lot. I think it is fair to say that, right now, ‘Prince of Persia’ is being paused. But we said the same thing for some other brands that suddenly popped up because a team is willing to do it.

” ‘Prince of Persia is part of Ubisoft’s portfolio. As a matter of fact, we sometimes iterate on franchises and sometimes we give them time to breathe and time to grow, or time to rest. ‘Prince of Persia’ is as important as any other franchise for Ubisoft. As soon as we have something to show, we will.”

Cinema Blend reports that Ubisoft may have been kicking around a Prince of Persia reboot last summer. News leaked that the developer was designing a game that was more open world than platforming. If these rumors are true, then it seems Ubisoft was interested in transforming the franchise into something along the lines of Assassin’s Creed.

Ubisoft released a revamped Prince of Persia in 2008. Instead of following this particular storyline for the sequel, the company decided to return to the Sands of Time series with The Forgotten Sands. Since then, things have been eerily quiet.

Are you a fan of the Prince of Persia series? Are you disappointed that Ubisoft has decided to shelve the series?