Yankees Call Up Luis Cessa And Luke Voit, More Roster Moves May Follow

Patrick SemanskyAP Images

The New York Yankees have called up Luis Cessa and Luke Voit for what may be more than a mid-season cup of coffee as confirmed by Pinstripe Alley. The Yankees have been dealing with an assortment of injury issues, with three players on the disabled list already, and newly acquired J.A. Happ dealing with a case of hand, foot, and mouth disease. That has left New York with a bit of a power outage, possibly an empty spot in the rotation, and a lot of holes to fill with Boston on the schedule.

With Happ potentially out for the series and missing a start, as reported by Inquisitr, a fresh arm had to come up as insurance. While Happ is still slated to go on Saturday, that will all be dependent on whether or not the blisters on his pitching hand flare up again. If they do, Cessa is the most likely candidate to take the hill.

The catch with this is that Cessa was just sent down on July 26, so according to the rules, the only way he can be called back up within 10 days is if someone goes on the DL. The smart money says that will be Happ, as per The New York Post, and if it is he will miss two to three starts. The other possibility is that another player is going on the DL, and Cessa is up to provide some long relief help in the pen after Sonny Gray failed to complete three innings last night, forcing the bullpen to go long.

Voit may be up just to hit against southpaws David Price and Brian Johnson. As odd as that may seem as Voit actually hits right-handed pitching better. The series against Boston is crucial for New York to do no worse than split, and they may be rolling the dice he can platoon with Greg Bird who has more trouble with lefties that Voit does. He has pop, and with the Yankees in a power outage, he is the best in-house option available to add to the roster this week.

The other side of this discussion has been that given Sonny Gray was knocked out in the third inning by the Orioles who are 42 games out of first place, and his recent Twitter issue as reported by Inquisitr, the Yankees may be trying to move Gray. Statistically, he has struggled more than any Yankee starter, and it is believed that while talented, he is not suited to a high-pressure big market team. If Cessa does start and can impress, he may join the rotation until the Yankees can land another starter.