‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Scrambles, Lulu Wonders, And Mary Pat Faces Questions

Craig SjodinABC

This has been an epic week on General Hospital and spoilers hint that Thursday’s episode will be packed with drama. Jason got Carly out of Ferncliff, but he wants to know who signed off on the controversial treatment she was about to receive, and Ava is in a panic over the situation with Nelle. Lulu will ask some interesting questions and it looks like Nelle will do her best to stay out of jail as this August 2 show plays out.

As soon as Ava heard about Nelle’s attempt to have Michael killed and the accident, she high-tailed it to General Hospital to check on her. Ava kept that baby blanket Nelle utilized to torture Carly, but spoilers hint that she may try to get rid of it during Thursday’s episode. Unfortunately, the sneak peek the show shared via Twitter reveals that Griffin crosses paths with her before she can be successful.

Nelle has been diabolical in playing the confused, sympathetic victim since the accident with Michael and it looks like she’ll turn that up a notch as she talks with Kim. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will talk about how as soon as she’s released from GH she’ll be hauled off to jail, and it seems likely that she’ll try to sweet talk Kim into keeping her as a patient a bit longer.

Sonny will do his best to support Michael, promising to be there for him in whatever way he needs, and it’s clear that Michael will be reeling from this loss for a while. Chase and Lulu will continue their talk about everything that has happened, and it sounds as if he’ll be grateful for her support.

General Hospital spoilers share that as the two talk, Lulu will wonder whether Nelle had someone helping her with all of this chaos with gaslighting Carly and trying to destroy Michael. Considering the fact that Nelle wasn’t close to many people, it may not take long for someone to connect her to Ava.

Jason talked with Sam about digging around at Ferncliff and She Knows Soaps reveals that Sam and Curtis will head over there to see what they can find. It looks as if they’ll pretend to be lawyers or someone in an official capacity like that and they’ll approach Nurse Mary Pat to ask questions about Carly’s escape.

Carly will remain worried about the possibility she’ll end up back at Ferncliff, but Jason will promise she’ll never have to return. General Hospital spoilers add that Josslyn will be fearing the worst and on Friday’s show she’ll have reason to be angry about something.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this drama with Nelle will generate a lot of chaos in the days ahead and there are other new storylines about to come into play to shake things up as well. Tune into the episode set to air on Thursday, August 2 and stay tuned for teasers about what comes next.