Carrie Underwood’s Response To Her Mom Worried About Plastic Surgery Rumors Was Epic

Rich FuryGetty Images

Carrie Underwood just experienced a steep learning curve well into her 30s.

The country singer met a freak accident after falling from the stairs of her Nashville home last November. She suffered a broken wrist, but even worse, Underwood’s face had to be given more than 40 stitches as it was badly injured in the accident. For a celebrity who is constantly scrutinized for how she looks, Underwood had stumbled onto her life’s most unfortunate times. She stayed away from showing her bruised face on social media as fans clamored the crevices of the internet to find even a sniff of her face, leading to speculations that the “Cry Petty” singer was undergoing plastic surgery to save her face — literally.

Now Underwood is appearing on the cover of Redbook magazine’s September issue, according to E! News. Speaking about her first public appearance in April since injuring herself at ACM awards, Underwood said she felt insecure about how her face looked despite assurances from fans that there was no perceptible change. Slowly, Underwood says, she began coping with her insecurities, reveling in the newfound understanding that people hardly care for how others look — at least in the long run.

“Any time someone gets injured, it looks pretty bad in the beginning, and you’re like, ‘What is this going to wind up like?’ You just don’t know. It was also a perception thing because I look at myself [now] and I see it quite a bit, but other people are like, ‘I wouldn’t have even noticed.’ Nobody else looks at you as much as you think they do. Nobody notices as much as you think they will, so that’s been nice to learn.”

As for the plastic surgery rumors, Carrie said that although they were a little “sad,” it did not affect her directly. However, her mother was definitely concerned by what the media was reporting and what people were saying about her face on social media.

“It’s a little sad because the truth is just as interesting,” Underwood told Redbook.

“I wish I’d gotten some awesome plastic surgery to make this [scar] look better. But I try not to worry too much about it. My mom will be like, ‘Did you see they are saying this about you?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Mama, I don’t care. I’m just trying to raise my son and live my life.'”

The country singer signed off with a special suggestion for young women who feel uncomfortable in their bodies, saying even “super confident” people are full of insecurities, and we should not worry about “things we cannot change.”