Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Release Baby Felicity’s First Photo Shoot

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The newest Duggar baby is becoming quite a celebrity already. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are happy to share their first child with the world. Baby Felicity has made her debut thanks to her mom and dad posting an introduction video a few days ago. They have now just released her first photo album filled with some adorable close-ups that will melt your heart. These can be found on the official Jinger and Jeremy website.

The term “bundle of joy” really does fit this little girl. The photos show Felicity all wrapped up snugly in her baby blanket for her first photo shoot. She is wide awake in the snaps and all set for her debut as the newest member of the Duggar/Vuolo family. Everyone seems to be mesmerized by the baby’s gorgeous dark eyes, as many Duggar fans have mentioned after seeing the photos.

The comments remain pretty positive on both Jinger and Jeremy’s social media accounts, unlike the other members of the Duggar family. It seems that whenever Jill Dillard posts something such as a recipe, the comments start pouring in on how terrible it looks or how unhealthy it is. Jessa Seewald also gets slammed over her parenting skills when she posts photos or videos of her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. People seem to find something wrong in how she does things. However, Jessa sometimes quips back with a comment of her own to squash the mommy-shamers on social media.

On the other hand, there are many Duggar fans who are more than happy to post positive things to the family as well. So far Jinger and Jeremy haven’t had to deal with much of the negativity since Felicity has been born, except for a couple of comments about that plant hanger in the nursery. A few people were a little concerned about it being a danger to the newborn. Others quipped back that her parents will most likely take that away once their daughter is able to move around in a few months.

Jinger and Jeremy have made their home in Laredo, Texas, where they have set up a beautiful southwest-style nursery for their first child. There is no doubt that this reality TV couple will be growing their family in the future, but maybe not as rapidly as the rest of the Duggar couples. After all, they did wait about a year and a half to get pregnant. The Vuolos are doing things a little differently than the rest of the family back in Arkansas.

The new season of Counting On is underway on Monday nights on TLC. Fans will soon be able to see Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo break their pregnancy news to their family.