JC Chasez Of Nsync Emerges To Sing The Lumineers To USC Sorority

Although most of the music world is buzzing about Justin Timberlake’s return to music after six years of hiatus, there’s another Nsync member that made a return to music of his own, sort of.

Nsync member and America’s Best Dance Crew judge JC Chasez, who failed as a solo artist back in 2004 with his album Schizophrenic, paid a visit to the USC sorority. The sorority girls were the lucky recipients of a special rendition of the popular song by The Lumineers titled “Hey Ho.” If you’ve been away from the radio for a few months, “Hey Ho” hit the charts and had another resurgence when it was placed in the ads in Weinstein Co. film Silver Linings Playbook.

JC Chasez was part of a special delivery from a well connected fraternity member. Apparently every Monday,a fraternity member comes up with a unique way to pass another message to a member of the house. Well, we’re going to give the unidentified member some credit because this was a feat. Since Chasez’ solo career crashed and burned, he’s focused on judging America’s Best Dance Crew. In addition, the singer hasn’t been open to too many opportunities to pick up his first passion again.

Surprisingly when JC Chasez entered the room, the girls screamed in recognition of Chasez, which is rare seeing as the oldest of the group was born in 1990, making them 10 years old at the height of Nsync’s fame in 2000.

Perhaps if he wanted to make a comeback like his fellow Nsync member Justin Timberlake, he could have a fanbase to come back to? Boybands of his era are certainly trying to get back in the game, as it was announced that Boyz II Men, 98 degrees and NKOTB are joining forced for a “Package” tour.

To view the video of JC Chasez singing to the girls click here.