Kris Jenner Documents Mammogram Procedure To Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

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The 62-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and momager, Kris Jenner, took to Instagram Wednesday morning to post a photo of her breast cancer screening procedure, coupled with a very important message, reports Bustle.

In the caption, she references her own mother’s battle with breast cancer and stresses the importance of regular screenings.

While mammograms are a common procedure, especially for women over the age of 50, the practice of getting further testing with a breast ultrasound is less widespread. While WebMD points out that both mammograms and ultrasounds appear equally likely to detect breast abnormalities, the ultrasound can provide a better look at node-negative invasive cancer, or cancer that has extended past the initial tumor but not yet reached the lymph nodes.

Jenner wrote about her breast ultrasound in a follow-up post.

“…so after i had the mammogram this morning I also got a breast Ultrasound with this machine, just to double triple check..this took about 15 minutes each side and gets under the arm, breast and nearer the chest in the middle… didn’t hurt at all just some pressure…and very thorough…some of you mentioned even more extensive testing so i thought i would share.”

The reality star prompted a series of comments from fans sharing their experiences with breast cancer and thanking her for sending the important message.

Her post was not the first time she alluded to her mother’s fight with cancer. In an interview during a 2016 KUWTK episode, Jenner’s mother asked her what her worst fear was. Jenner became very emotional and responded that her biggest fear was “losing someone” before walking out of the room, reports E! News.

At a tribute event for her late husband, Robert Kardashian Sr., Jenner once again spoke about her mother’s battle with cancer.

“She survived colon cancer, breast cancer, with many, many treatments along the way,” cited Entertainment Tonight.

Mary Jo Shannon
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The Kardashian momager’s 84-year-old mom, Mary Jo “M.J.” Shannon, lives in San Diego and runs a shop called Shannon & Co Children’s Boutique. In one episode of KUWTK, she encourages her daughter to get tested for the BRCA gene, also known as the breast cancer gene. Jenner has also expressed her own desire for her children to get tested as well.

While mammogram and breast ultrasound testing are normally recommended for women above a certain age, breast cancer can strike at any age and it is important for all women to have regular check-ups with their doctor to discuss annual testing and assess individual risks.