Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows, Is The Internet’s New Favorite Kitty

Move over, Tardar Sauce, there’s a new Internet cat in town!

Sam, the cat with eyebrows, is capturing the heart of the Internet this week thanks to two black marks on his forehead that look like human eyebrows. MSN notes that Sam’s “eyebrows” are good for a variety of expressions, including “surprise, concern, begging, and standard feline disapproval.”

Sam has his own Instagram account with just under 50 photos, which reads “This is Sam. He has eyebrows.” Sam has just over 4,000 followers, and with his adorably meme-worthy looks, he’s sure to pick up thousands more in the coming days.

Speaking of memes, I haven’t seen any about “Sam, the cat with eyebrows” just yet. If you manage to run across any that are hilarious, tweet them to me and I’ll do a follow-up article. But commentators on Sam’s Instagram are already thinking what I’m thinking.

“Hey girl, sorry I finished dinner before you got home. I’ll make you some cage free/organic/omega-3/farm fresh eggs in the morning,” wrote one.

I can’t say enough about this cat. Go over to his Instagram page. Go there right now. This is the most photogenic cat I’ve ever seen. Tons of personality. I’ll include a gallery below to get you started.

Surely, the Internet will have to get used to “Sam, the cat with eyebrows” memes for a few months before the mash-ups come. I’m looking forward to Sam meets Tard, since they are the antithesis of each other.

Here’s a short gallery of Sam, the cat with eyebrows.