‘Teen Mom OG’ Producers Would Upset Ryan Edwards & Wife On Purpose Before Filming, Per ‘Radar’

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Teen Mom OG stars Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer claim that they are tired of being portrayed in a negative light, and that they will not return to the MTV reality series next season. Now, sources say that producers would purposely frustrate the couple ahead of filming.

According to an August 1 report by Radar Online, Teen Mom OG cameras often caught Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer in a fight, including on their wedding day. Now, a friend close to the reality stars says that MTV is to blame for causing most of the drama.

Christian Cooper, who was in attendance at Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding, claims that MTV producers asked the couple questions “designed” to start drama.

“They asked them questions designed to create a dramatic response. They asked about prior relationships. ‘How is this wedding different than your first wedding?’ Who asks that? Obviously it’s going to upset a bride,” Cooper told the outlet.

Christian, who is a photographer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, says that Mackenzie Standifer appeared to be extremely “frustrated” at her own wedding because of all of the questions Teen Mom OG crew members were asking her and Ryan Edwards.

Cooper goes on to say that MTV makes Ryan and Mackenzie look so much worse than they really are, and that they have deemed them the villains of Teen Mom OG, which wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

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“If Mackenzie drank mimosas at 8am that would’ve been horrible. It would’ve been, ‘bad Mackenzie!’ They played it off like they were getting smashed. Really no! They made it look different than it was. MTV has no intention of making them a comeback story. It was never going to be that for them. They’re the villains for Teen Mom. That wasn’t going to change.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ryan Edwards was recently arrested for violating parole on a prior drug possession charge. The Teen Mom OG dad spent one week in jail before finally being released on Tuesday. Edwards had his first count of simple possession of heroin dismissed and was given a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days for the second count.

Ryan has been ordered to complete six months of probation as well as complete five public work days. This marked Edwards’ second arrest this year, as he was also arrested back in March due to the prior drug bust.

Teen Mom OG is set to return for a new season on MTV in the near future.