Model Katherine Webb Expecting Baby No. 2 With NFLer AJ McCarron

Jason MerrittGetty Images

It is official: model and former Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb is expecting baby No. 2! She and her husband, NFL player and Buffalo Bills quarterback AJ McCarron, already have a 2-year-old son named Tripp.

Webb announced the big news on her Instagram today. She posted a picture of herself with a baby bump, McCarron, and their son. She captioned it with “Well guys, it’s getting much harder to hide the bump????????Were so excited to give Tripp a little brother to play with this coming Christmas!???????? #5monthspregnant????:@hsculljr”

According to People, the couple married in 2014 and had their first baby two years later. Well, another two years have gone by and their second baby is on the way!

Just last week she posted another photo on her Instagram of the three of them but Webb was wearing all black and a lanyard to cover up the bump. Nobody in the comments caught her sneaky surprise until she announced it on Wednesday.

The happy couple was interviewed for the Buffalo News last Wednesday. McCarron confirmed that they will be expecting baby No. 2 in December.

In the interview they talk about how the two of them met when the two of them were in college and how they learned to deal with fame early in life. McCarron gained success playing football in college and then being drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals before the Bills. Webb reached some success at 23 years old when she was the reigning Miss Alabama USA in 2012, and had moved to California to pursue a modeling career. They also talk about how normal their life is.

“We live a really basic life,” McCarron said in the interview. “We don’t go buy flashy things. That’s not us. Hell, the nicest thing I have is my car, and I don’t really drive that a whole lot. We’re normal. Really normal.”

Webb echoes the sentiment, saying that the two of them were more “Hollywood” back in college. Now they’re pretty humble and a happy little family. “We’ve had a lot of humbling experiences since he entered the NFL.Coming from Alabama, I wouldn’t say we were spoiled in any way, but it was a reality check of how things work,” Katherine Webb explains. “Just him as a player has been humbled a lot.”

McCarron will be playing for the Buffalo Bills this fall, and Webb with her baby bump will be cheering for him on the sidelines.